Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2012-12-18

Misc NotesEdit

Should we use Planned or backburner projects & Recently completed projects at ? - QuimQum

   Look in TODO notes & roadmap to see if there are any activities to make backburner pages about.... Blog post re test automation Chris: we need to upgrade the PageTriage install & config it properly on beta & test2 Brown bag today TODO still for Sumana: re LevelUp:

  * clarify to larger community what process is, how to matchmake
re 2012-13 goals: 
  Three online or in-person QA trainings for the community - moved from Q1 --- move to Jan
  * "5 documenters" goal - failing
  * vol sysadmins - check
  * Quim to work on defining testers goal better


Andre out Dec 22-30, Quim has the pleasure to triage for that week Željko out December 24-26 (Monday-Wednesday), December 31-January 1 (Monday-Tuesday). Sumana out some days next week & the week after.... Quim out Feb 11-15. Guillaume out 21st 24th 31st