Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2012-05-29

Engineering Community Team meeting, 29 May 2012

Attending: Mark, Sumana, Guillaume, Chris

List of projectsEdit

  • Testing infrastructure/automation (incl Labs)
  • Feature testing efforts
  • Community testing planning
  • 20% time wrangling
  • 1.20 deployment
  • Git and Gerrit migration
  • Bugzilla application management
  • Wikimedia blog maintenance
  • Training documentation
  • Monthly report
  • Communications support
  • Engineering activity documentation
  • Recruiting/hiring
  • Wikimania
  • Hackathons/events (January SF, Pune, Berlin, Wikimania)
    • Conferences in general
  • Gerrit project owner groups
  • Recruitment/encouragement
    • GSOC
    • UCOSP
  • Dev community metrics

Who's doing what (this week)Edit

Chris: Testing infrastructure/automation. Hiring. Feature testing efforts. OpenHatch test event for AFT announcement Mark: Deployment support, BZ application management, bug squad -- finishing up Guillaume: communications support, engineering project documentation, Wikimania, monthly report RobLa: Recruiting/hiring, 1.20 deployment Sumana: Volunteer recruiting and encouragement (including GSoC), hackathons and events/conferences in general, Gerrit project ownership, Developer access, 20% time wrangling Claudia: Dev community metrics

Testing infrastructure/automationEdit

Chris: Ongoing labs followup and status reporting.

Labs Great improvements recently from Antoine, but TMH is still not fit to be tested.

It's in Antoine's hands now. He's rebuilding it in Puppet.... Chris is project managing this activity Watch the wikivideo mailing list.

  • Chris to fwd to labs-l

Antoine's still on top of it

Feature testing effortsEdit

TimedMediaHandler, Editor Engagement (AFTv5)

(AFT and hopefully EE also - PageTriage)

Community testing planningEdit

planning OpenHatch event - June 9th, Sat, 10am-noon Pacific Time

  • will announce to Chris's blog, twitter, WTA, OpenHatch

AFT test event with OpenHatch ramps up publicity this week. Making joint announcement today, 29 May 2012

  • wikitech-ambassadors
  • use Global broadcast meta --

Chris to begin planning a 3rd community testing event possibly for July or August. I have a lead to follow up on next week, but not sure it will pan out.

20% time wranglingEdit

Sumana - concentrating on backlogged extensions + code review (including patches)

1.20 deploymentEdit

Is getting routine.

about 5 highest-priority bugs come in every 2 weeks? been rapidly addressed

  • TODO: Mark to check on that # and whether it is trending up/steady/down -- Mark to get those stats together
  • TODO: Mark to add ChrisM to the list of people to alert with new highest-priority bugs

Git and Gerrit migrationEdit

New repo backlog - Sumana managing Danielle Git tutorial improved:

Bugzilla application managementEdit

Have a sponsor (in WMF!) for the Debian package for Bugzilla - Faidon (paravoid). Discussion on wikitech-l for improvment of bz workflow. To continue into June Work this week on some basic template fixes that will bring small usablity improvements

  • TODO: Mark to get the draft to people. They're in templatetoolkit - Mark will stick into a patch in Bugzilla.

Mark found an extension that he wants installed - to let an individual without admin rights track a component. "Component Watching" or the like. Mutante to install it. RT

Wikimedia blog maintenanceEdit

still on hold this week

Training documentationEdit

Contractor working on ResourceLoader/Gadgets 2.0 docs, Git docs, security training docs, Lua stuff

Monthly reportEdit

getting started this week RMoen's status helper was released last week, in beta. Not used by WMF engineers for now apparently

Communications supportEdit

Guillaume following up on requests, blog post reviews, etc. getting more requests for review/help, which is taking time but GOOD

Engineering activity documentationEdit

trying to find someone to adapt's assessment gadget before the hackathon for a possible ops sprint


Sumana continuing to work on bug wrangler hiring, contract help for tutorials

Chris working on QA engineer hiring. (QA reviews and interview.) Ongoing candidate review, looking forward to QA Volunteer Coord announcement.


  • deprioritized last week
  • Guillaume FINALLY started 11 years presentation; didn't get far, but still
  • Sumana & Rob & Guillaume to take a start at transparency talk next week in Berlin

Hackathons/events (January SF, Berlin, Wikimania)Edit

Sumana working on Berlin prep Sumana working on Wikimania hackathon RfP

Conferences in generalEdit

Sumana to start writing OSBridge keynote

Gerrit project owner groupsEdit

Sumana doing regularly


Sumana running developer access queue Sumana & Mark continuing to do this.

Mark finding personalized tasks for Bug Squad people

(BZ - Thehelpfulone)

  • TODO: Mark to contact some BZ admins re privs


Sumana Kickoff! Need to do IRC HOWTO, argh


Sumana starting quick postmortem

  • TODO: talk with Yuvi & Amgine in Berlin

Dev community metricsEdit

- Mark & Chris successfully talked to Claudia :) - setting up R<>BugzillaAPI connection - collecting information to Bugzilla Management (setting up the "wall") - analyzing the development of patch submissions over the last years


  • Berlin hackathon affecting your colleagues May 29-June 4th
  • Guillaume: Berlin from May 30th to June 4th