Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2012-04-10

TLDR meeting, 10 April 2012

Attending: Mark, Sumana, Guillaume, Chris

List of projectsEdit

  • Testing infrastructure/automation
  • Feature testing efforts
  • 20% time wrangling
  • 1.19 stuff: deployment & release support
  • 1.20 deployment
  • Git and Gerrit migration
  • Bug Triage
  • Bugzilla application management
  • Wikimedia blog maintenance
  • Training documentation
  • Monthly report
  • Communications support
  • Engineering activity documentation
  • Recruiting/hiring
  • Hackathons/events (January SF, Pune, Berlin, Wikimania)
    • Conferences in general
  • Gerrit project owner groups
  • Recruitment/encouragement
    • GSOC
    • UCOSP
  • Dev community metrics

Who's doing what (this week)Edit

Chris: Testing infrastructure/automation, feature testing efforts Mark: 1.19 Deployment support, bug triage, BZ application management, volunteer recruitment/encouragement (bug squad) Guillaume: Communications support, engineering activity documentation, blog maintenance RobLa: Recruiting/hiring, 1.19 deployment followup, Git migration Sumana: Volunteer recruiting and encouragement (including GSoC and UCOSP), hackathons and events/conferences in general, Gerrit project ownership, 20% time wrangling Claudia: dev cmty metrics

Testing infrastructure/automationEdit

Presented browser test automation prototype, following up with more info to participants. Working on Labs - top priority for Chris.

Continue working with Labs in greater detail: test data and ongoing maintenance are key. Clarified status on activity page

Nag in a month for blog post.

Feature testing effortsEdit

SWIFT, TimedMediaHandler, Editor Engagement (AFTv5),

Following up on TMH errors found, more Labs wrangling.

Might be in SF week of May 7 for heavy Labs work.

Chris getting into mobile stuff this week.

20% time wranglingEdit

Sumana discussion on wikitech-l about backlog on the extension review queue Sumana has done cleanup, talked to Howie, Rob, Tim

  • Mark will push for ShortURL

1.19 stuff: deployment & release supportEdit

last couple of bugs being addressed 2 there - Trevor met with Roan & JS people

  • Mark to ping Trevor and Timo
  • This is Mark's highest priority -- but nothing happened on either one of these :( even after I pinged them.

Timo has no time to work on this.

  • Mark: (Talk to Sam about how to proceed.)
  • Guillaume will take a look at the MW1.19 page this week, with Sumana

1.20 deploymentEdit

So apparently, we're going to start deploying 1.20 next week. Rob will ask Guillaume for communications support. Sumana talked about how to move forward - initial steps

  • Mark to create rough 1.20 talking points (things to watch out for) just after this meeting
  • Guillaume to possibly talk with Sumana after meeting about 1.20 talking points

Git and Gerrit migrationEdit

Sumana handing over project management to Chad.

Request for Guillaume to work with Sumana, Chad to help with documentation on - Guillaume doesn't have time for much

  • Sumana to try to get Chad to take on reorg, use G as resource to restructure pages/info

Bug TriageEdit

maybe no public bug triage this week -- following up on dataleak bugs

Bugzilla application managementEdit

Git integration? API doesn't have the stuff in it that Mark wants.... there might be another approach bz package - there is none for Bugzilla 4 (not bugmeister work). Get this puppetized in Labs. Just put it on the bz-dev server last night, going to work on puppet today.

Wikimedia blog maintenanceEdit

Guillaume resumed work on this -- finish plugin & feature research & create RT tickets for install & setup, follow up on requests, continue to draft specs and timeline for blog analytics, hopefully also finish the layout rewrite but more likely to be next week

Training documentationEdit

Need to work on Git docs - asking Guillaume for help... later (via Chad)

Coming up in April & May: work on ResourceLoader/Gadgets 2.0 docs & security training docs

Monthly reportEdit is out, thanks. Please keep adding status updates for this month.

Communications supportEdit

side activity: Guillaume preparing howto for Andrew White to switch the staff IRC channel to private (yay!)

Engineering activity documentationEdit

The project activity page system is now pretty stable and working well, and we have 3 out of the 4 engineering groups using them. Guillaume & Rob talked about going the extra step to remove the system's pain points and make so really awesome that people will have *no* excuse not to use it, and hopefully they'll even start liking it. Guillaume is working on specifications and Rob (possibly aided by a JavaScript expert) will help with implementation.


Rob; not in this meeting Sumana should get started on event manager, bugmeister, some contract help for the next few months

Hackathons/events (January SF, Pune, Berlin, Wikimania)Edit

Sumana doing general planning, outreach now that Berlin reg form is settled, volunteer sponsorship-wrangling

Conferences in generalEdit

Sumana should tell Erik and recruiters what we should sponsor. (Need to do soon)

Gerrit project owner groupsEdit

Sumana started regular ownership-addition procedure; will run through these whenever new ones get added


Sumana running developer access queue Sumana & Mark continuing to do this. Mark: finding people to work on bug squad, need to start producing goals for the squad and having measurable progress towards them (somewhat lower priority)


Proposals finished. Sumana needs to set up and run evaluation process


End of term

Dev community metricsEdit

- Claudia:

   - read tldr notes from the last weeks as well as many (not all) mails from wikitech-l
   - in the middle of collecting, reading and distilling probably useful measures from various research related to bug management in oos
   - I plan to: update my user page with metrics and finish first overview analyses from bugzilla


  • Chris - Might be in SF week of May 7 for heavy Labs work.
  • Sumana to be in SF this month - Apr 18? - 25?