Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2012-02-21

TLDR meeting, 21 Feb 2012

Attending: Guillaume, Mark, Sumana, Chris McMahon

List of projectsEdit

  • 1.19 stuff: Code review meistering
  • 1.19 stuff: deployment & release support
  • SWIFT deployment support
  • Bug Triage
    • Individual developer assignment work (what bugs are assigned to whom)
  • Bugzilla application management
  • Wikimedia blog maintenance
  • Training documentation
  • Monthly report
  • Communications support
  • Engineering project documentation
  • Recruiting/hiring
  • Hackathons/events (January SF, Pune, Berlin)
    • Conferences in general
  • Commit Access
  • Recruitment/encouragement
    • GSOC
    • UCOSP
  • Dev community metrics

Who's doing what (this week)Edit

Chris: 1.19 deployment testing Mark: 1.19 Deployment support, bug triage Guillaume: communications support, monthly report, blog maintenance RobLa: Recruiting/hiring, 1.19 deployment Sumana: Commit access, volunteer recruiting and encouragement (including GSoC and UCOSP), hackathons and events/conferences in general, engineering project documentation (git)

1.19 stuff: Code review meisteringEdit Mark coordinating with RobLa this week.

1.19 stuff: deployment & release supportEdit Charters have been useful.

Last week: Chris: Messages*.php discrepancies -- Chris came to a conclusion. Now: Chris learning his way around what a release looks like Mark: ● Getting new 1.19 specific bugs ( fixed.

Guillaume: ongoing maintenance & updating of the translations of the maintenance banners, landing pages, etc.

Last week: Communicating with Gadgets creators: Thread:Talk:MediaWiki_1.19/Reference_tooltips/reply_(10) but what communication fora do they already use? We could update Timo’s page re using RL and create a link to a place where they can talk to each other. Create a space on, use a script to ID the most prolific editors of gadgets on various wikis, send them a notification (e-mail or gadget talk page) Create a Gadget Portal on MediaWiki, Gadget Village Pumps

Mark has been working with Saibo. Commons:Village_pump#MediaWiki_1.19_deployment_to_Commons Look in Mark’s daily log for names of other gadgets, etc. helpers.

SWIFT deployment supportEdit


Bug TriageEdit

Mark: Friday Triage and volunteer gathering for any new 1.19 bugs. TODO: Sumana: to publicize

Individual developer assignment work (what bugs are assigned to whom)Edit

Continuing to do this in 20% standups MARK TO COORDINATE RE FIXMES

Bugzilla application managementEdit

Last week: Ask Rusty Burchfield (gicode) to get something going with git integration? (pushed to this week)

Wikimedia blog maintenanceEdit

On hold last week, working on it this week, see February Roadmap for details https://

Training documentationEdit

On hold this week

Monthly reportEdit

Guillaume sent the “please add your updates for this month” e-mail to engineering@ to start assembling the February report : Wikimedia_engineering_report/2012/February

Please add status updates to your project(s) regularly to make the February report less

painful than the January one:

Communications supportEdit


  • getting back to people who need stuff from me (e.g. Wikimania help)
  • sort of handed over the SOPA tech retrospective to Matthew because it’s too hard for me to

find the information, and I can’t do it this week anyway

Engineering project documentationEdit


  • perennial project page maintenance

Sumana: git post is up and git docs are far better. TODO: arrange git/gerrit/git-review training for the 27th.


Hackathons/events (January SF, Pune, Berlin)Edit

Sumana used en.wp talk pages to reach out to a lot of template & gadgets people about upcoming events. Talked to Katie Filbert about structure for


  • Follow-up on Pune event (7-19 promising volunteers)
  • Follow-up for San Francisco event (including posting SF hackathon postmortem)
  • Possible Brazil event
  • Planning for Wikidata / structured data part of Berlin event

TODO: Mark to forward Sumana Portugese Wikibooks/Collection work people

Conferences in generalEdit

  • this week: Sumana reaching out to people who are not part of the 1.19 team, to encourage

them to submit proposals, etc. Sumana started a Wikimania submission

Wikimania, Opensourcebridge, and Grace Hopper conference

Commit AccessEdit

same... need to work on git future


Sumana responding on mailing lists, etc.


Sumana spending lots of time encouraging GSoC participants in IRC and mailing lists. Going to a women’s college on Thursday for general recruitment + GSoC recruitment. Updated https:/ / with info about past projects. Need to start writing org application this week.

  • Sumana to provide template for emailing past professors, students, etc.


Basically progressing fine except that the mobile team does not have enough time to mentor them thoroughly this month. Sumana improved UCOSP_Spring_2012

Dev community metricsEdit

Sumana worked with Claudia


  • Chris discovered -- Labs is not automated. TODO: Chris to note the Labs gatekeeping

painpoints - on, Wikimedia Labs discussion page

  • Sumana drawing up TL;DR team plan today (Tuesday) for March team visit - includes

Wikimania submissions including scheduling of sessions this week if possible

  • Sumana out of office Wed. night through Thursday
  • Guillaume in SF from March 1st to March 14th. On vacation from March 15th until March 23rd.
  • Sumana in SF Feb 29-March 10
  • TODO: Sumana to add link to archived notes in TL;DR section of Platform Eng page