Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2012-01-31

31 Jan 2012 Attending: Guillaume, Mark, Sumana, RobLa, Claudia

List of projectsEdit

   * Wikimedia blog maintenance
   * Training documentation
   * Monthly report
   * Communication support
   * Engineering project documentation
   * Code review meistering
   ** 1.19 code review support
   *** launched and showing real problem with 1.19 launch and gadgets.
   * Bug Triage
   * 1.18 deployment & release support
   ** Individual developer assignment work (what bugs are assigned to whom)
   * Bugzilla application management
   * test deployment
   * Recruiting/hiring
   * Hackathons/events (January SF, Pune, GLAMCamp)
   ** Conferences in general
   * Commit Access
   * Recruitment/encouragement
   ** GSOC
   * UCOSP
   * Dev community metrics

Who's doing whatEdit

  • Sumana: Recruitment/encouragement, hackathon/event prep and followup, commit access, UCOSP, 1.19 deployment support, conferences in general, communication support (git), GSoC
  • Guillaume: blog maintenance, engineering project documentation, communications support, monthly report
  • Mark H - Bugzilla application management, Bug Triage, code review meistering, test deployment (, minimal, mostly Sam now)
  • Rob - Hiring, code review meistering

Wikimedia blog maintenanceEdit


  • Created a custom "meta" widget that replicates the functionality of the standard WordPress meta widget (i.e. context-aware registration/login links, RSS feeds, etc.) and adds a link to the Wikimedia blog guidelines. Recycled my e-mail to the blog list into a blog post so it can benefit others
  • Disabled comments on attachment pages, and discovered a lot of issues with the attachment template. Rewrote most of it using the TwentyTen code
  • followed-up on e-mail discussions about the blog, analytics, social media, etc.

(Also see Guillaume’s weekly report)

Training documentationEdit

There’s new raw material from the SF hackathon. Work on hold this week due to monthly report. Reassessment after Pune hackathon meeting today. In future, get help from volunteers to process raw materials -- Lee Worden Ben Lobaugh to take over some of the API documentation work

  • Sumana to coordinate

Monthly reportEdit


  • added my own reports and copyedited other people’s updates
  • emailed the engineering twice last week to ask them to add updates
  • sent individual nagmail to people listed as “lead” on project pages on Monday using a Google Docs script
  • still no updates on 7 out of 8 Features engineering projects; Alolita not responding to nagmail
  • still nothing either on Mobile/offline, but tomasz said he’d do it; hopefully today

Communication supportEdit


  • copyedited/reviewed MarkH’s and MaxSem’s blog posts, advertised them on social media channels
  • TODO Sumana to chase Chad re git docs, roadmap, blog post.

(it is ok for Sumana to run @MediaWikiMeet herself, phew)

  • Sumana to pencil in next week RobLa analytics post



  • to write a blog post sometime by March

Engineering project documentationEdit

Guillaume wrote to guide people who are new to the project pages system

  • Sumana to publicize appropriately, and to publicize the “how to get involved” on WMFPE page -- this week

git swift 1.19

Test deploymentEdit

Currently testing the fixes to support gadgets that we got after discussion with Krinkle, etc on-list. Oren has been working on next-gen search, and we’re not so worried about testing current search since there haven’t been major changes.

  • Mark to ask Oren to talk to rainman-sr and keep him in the loop.

Mark has handed off most of this work to Sam Reed. Published blog report, brought beta to its knees.

  • Sumana helped communicate to indiv wiki communities re testing on 1.19 deployment test sites -- developing plan this week.
    • Commons - we know about some JS problems, have been working with Krinkle to get those fixed. A big fix checked in about 3 days ago - will fix a big Gadgets bug. We need to make sure that’s the deployed version, then urge people to test it.
  • Mark knows that Saibo is waiting for this JS work before more testing, will follow up with him. CC Sumana

Code review meistering & 1.19 code review supportEdit

Spent a day updating code tagging and getting outstanding reviews down to a level where we may be able to get it branched this week or next. RobLa is setting up daily 15-min meetings with people who have 20% time that day or the next day, to coordinate CR efforts. Right now, Aaron’s code is ½ of our backlog. RobLa informed Tim & Aaron. FileBackend extension review will help. SWIFT media deployment might happen this week, so Aaron would do some backporting & infrastructure push wrt 1.18, might cause a few problems CR is still the bottleneck. Next big thing everyone will need to work on -- blocking bugs....

Bug TriageEdit

None planned, need to focus on getting the 1.19 blockers assigned and fixed. Blocker bugs mostly have the JS keyword.

  • Sumana to keep an eye out for volunteers who can help with this

Chris McMahon -- today is his logistical rampup day. This week, his focus: figuring out how he can contribute on 1.19

1.18 deployment & release supportEdit

SWIFT - next Monday, start with 1 shard on Commons to serve thumbnails, get to 100% by Thursday ben is drafting an email to wikitech-l … Platform will post to Village Pumps. Guillaume, which VPs should we alert?

Individual developer assignment work (what bugs are assigned to whom)Edit

  • Mark will look at Highest priority bugs and work with Rob to assign them --- Mark to coordinate with Rob on that -- this should be happening every week!

Bugzilla application managementEdit

Mark to talk to CT Woo today


(private) Still recruiting for security eng, another analytics engineer

Chris McMahon starts on 31st as new QA lead.

  • Team: TODO: anything you wanna get on new employee orientation page!

Society of Women Engineers wants to do a Shadow an Engineer day during the week - Mar 26-30. Sumana suggests Ian Baker.

  • Sumana to follow up with Erik & Alolita

Hackathons/events (January SF, Pune, GLAMCamp)Edit

Sumana needs to follow up on Jan. event. SO MUCH FOLLOWUP.

Conferences in generalEdit

  • Sumana needs to reach out to community to find out what to sponsor

Commit AccessEdit

A week behind Sumana to follow-up today

Volunteer recruitment & encouragementEdit

same old

  • Resource Loader - need to help varnent find good time


start recruiting

UCOSPEdit Sumana needs to ensure their meeting schedule stabilises

Dev community metricsEdit

on hold basically; (dashboard)


Wikimania submissions:

TL;DR meeting in SF first week of March?

  • coordinate re roadmap, Wikimania, work in coming months, etc.
  • around March 3rd? Sumana to arrange travel
  • Sumana to take today as light day, take Friday off