Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-12-06


List of projectsEdit

  • Architecture of Open Source Applications book chapter (on hold for now until Tech reviewers get back to us)
  • Bug Triage
  • Bugzilla application management
  • Hackathons/events (Mentor Summit, India, January SF)
  • Commit Access
  • Recruitment/encouragement
  • Monthly report
  • Communication support
  • Engineering project documentation
  • 1.18 deployment & release support
  • Recruiting/hiring
  • Code review meistering
    • mentorship/office hours plan
  • Dev community metrics
  • SocialCoding4Good
  • Training documentation
  • Wikimedia blog maintenance

Who's doing whatEdit

Sumana - India hackathon followup, commit access, recruitment/encouragement, code review meistering, help with training documentation, planning for January hackathon Guillaume - training doc, Wikimedia blog maintenance, monthly report, engineering project doc Mark H - bugzilla admin, code review, bug triage, 1.18 release followup, patch review Rob - Hiring, code review meistering Siebrand - not on call, India hackathon followup Claudia - Bugzilla database

Bug TriageEdit

mark supposed to meet with Arthur today about tomorrow's fundraising triage meeting scheduled for 1pm PT

Bugzilla application managementEdit

  • mark figured out how to delete comments
  • mark going to debug it then get ops to deploy it

Rob asks: how long will this take?

Mark should be able to do it today

Hackathons/events (Mentor Summit, India, January SF)Edit

Sumana has finished the follow-up from Mentor Summit. Will probably do it right after the next events in the future


  • Sumana needs to ping Siebrand again to see how he wants to structure follow-up

SF hackathonEdit

  • phone call with pariSOMA today
  • doing outreach / social networking this week
  • encouraging other people to host events

Commit AccessEdit

  • going fairly smoothly
  • getting to a zero backlog every week or every other week (notably because criteria are clearer)
  • End of the year coming up: Sumana considers doing a round-up of developers who recently got commit access and see if they're a success story


  • this takes an increasing amount of Sumana's time. Sumana hoping to delegate some of this to.
  • Developing Yuvi & varnent maybe as VDC volunteers :)

Monthly reportEdit

  • The November report is out: Wikimedia engineering report/2011/November
  • Only notable change: Trevor is running the features team meetings, & format encourages people to write content on Etherpad more, so that's helpful :-)

This activity is on backburner until later in the month.

Communication supportEdit

  • Guillaume reviewing blog posts, etc.

Engineering project documentationEdit

  • Guillaume updating project pages, status updates, etc.
  • Petr Bena -- a volunteer who could help with Labs documentation

1.18 deployment & release supportEdit

  • Last update. Tarball release happened last week
  • Mark followed up on 1.18.0 bug triage
  • Started FAQ
    • Link to front page?

Recruiting / hiringEdit

  • <information redacted>

Code review meisteringEdit

  • This is the area we all need to think about how to get things moving
  • Rob hasn't compared actuals to projections yet but it'll look grim
    • We need to get more visibility around code review front & make sure we come up with different ways people can approach it to feel effective, find their own effective styles. For example, in-person work in SF might be helpful

Mark asks re projections: should he help out by updating the Google Doc? Sumana notes: IRC, Google+, in person

mentorship/office hours planEdit

  • When Sumana sees someone who could be interested in being mentored, she proposes it but she hasn't found anyone yet.

Dev community metricsEdit

still on hold


pinging Gerardo

Training documentationEdit

Guillaume going through the materials; currently processing materials from the July 2011 code review training session, taking notes, then going to merge them with the existing notes and turn them into proper documentation

  • Sumana to grab more raw materials, & talk with Guillaume
  • Sumana to interview RobLa to get brainstorm from ZendCon

spending more time on how to substantively review code, less on the CR tool process

Wikimedia blog maintenanceEdit

Daniel Zahn deployed the first round of changes and bug fixes last week: example at WMFBlog:2011/12/02/mobile-full-screen-search/

  • nice "posted by" & categories/tags box :-) yay!

Guillaume continues to fix bugs and add functionality: Next round of changes to deploy in a plugin -- allowing contributors to upload pictures We'd love to center the design of the blog, but since it was based on Vector, that's tricky & Guillaume is doing that laaaaater.

Vacation & travelEdit

Upcoming vacation days:

  • Guillaume: (tentative) Dec. 16th, 2/3 days on week 51, 2/3 days on week 52
  • Rob: Dec.26
  • Sumana: maybe Dec 16 + last week of year & maybe up to Jan 3 or something
  • Mark: Last week of Dec

Only a few days are officially days Observed Office Closed days. Days off in lieu of the Sundays (Christmas & New Year's Day): Mondays. (look for federal list, or new employee handbook)