Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-11-22


No Claudia No Sumana (on a plane) Short week

List of projectsEdit

Architecture of Open Source Applications book chapter Bug Triage Bugzilla management Hackathons

  • India

Commit Access Recruitment/encouragement Monthly report Communication support Engineering project documentation 1.18 deployment & release support Recruiting/hiring Code review meistering

  • mentorship/office hours plan

Mentor Summit Dev community metrics SocialCoding4Good Training documentation Wikimedia blog maintenance

Who's doing whatEdit

Sumana - AOSA recruiting, India hackathon prep & mentor summit followup, commit access, recruitment/encouragement, code review meistering, Socialcoding4good Guillaume - AOSA / training doc, Wikimedia blog maintenance, monthly report Mark H - bugzilla admin, code review, bug triage, 1.18 release, patch review Rob - Hiring, 1.18 release, code review Siebrand - not on call, India hackathon Claudia - Bugzilla database


Guillaume submitted the second revision of the document to the book editors yesterday, and also added the HTML version to the AOSA SVN. We're now waiting for the feedback from the technical reviewers Guillaume updated the project page and started to integrate the content into other pages on (see "Training documentation" below)

Engineering project documentationEdit

No major work on this these days The next steps are:

  • clean up the associated categories (should be easily done with a bot -- Guillaume can do this, probably in December)
  • get people to use the hubs (long term, probably)

Bug TriageEdit

Excellent UploadWizard triage. Got Commons admin to give great input to Neil, Ian et al. Report TBD. Neil seemed to agree that it went well.

Bugzilla managementEdit

Looking at highest priority bugs. w:en:User:MarkAHershberger/Current_TODOs Mark is going to use the 20% policy: 20 percent get people to fix high priority bugs (among other things)



Commit AccessEdit

Recruitment / encouragementEdit

Monthly reportEdit

Guillaume is starting to work on the November report this week; Guillaume to ask Tilman about the schedule MW Core meeting yesterday etherpad:MWCoreTeam

Communication supportEdit

blog post reviews, MediaWiki flyer, stuff

1.18 release supportEdit

MediaWiki roadmap/1.18/Upgrade reports One security bug that we're working on, then we're good.

Code review meisteringEdit

Code review going wild Getting people on 20% to try and get it under control again < discussion about code review graph & workflow with git >

* mentorship / office hours planEdit

see 20% discussion

Mentor SummitEdit

Dev community metricsEdit


Training documentationEdit

Guillaume to dive into the mess. The inventory is still at Volunteer coordination and outreach/Training materials The content of the AOSA chapter has now been moved to MediaWiki history and Manual:MediaWiki architecture (yay!) Now mostly on hold until the November report is done.

Wikimedia blog maintenanceEdit

Guillaume worked on this last week, fixed bugs (#28935, #28932) and did other stuff (see commits: ) All changes so far have been committed to github but haven't been deployed to production yet (need RobH for that -- Guillaume to create RT ticket about updating it, and another one about the Labs prototype) Not enough time to work on that this week (training doc + above all monthly report have priority, and it's a short week) so I'll probably start working on this again in December


Rob doing phone screens

Travel / vacationEdit

Sumana coming back today, Then Thanksgiving Rob: 24-25 Mark: 23-25 Sumana: 24-25 Guillaume: likely 24-25 (or maybe not; I hadn't really realized how much work I needed to get done by next week, esp. monthly report :(