Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-11-08

List of projectsEdit

Architecture of Open Source Applications book chapter Bug Triage Bugzilla management Hackathons

  • India

Commit Access Recruitment/encouragement Monthly report Communication support Engineering project documentation 1.18 deployment & release support Recruiting/hiring Code review meistering

  • mentorship/office hours plan

Mentor Summit Metrics SocialCoding4Good Volunteer documentation

Who's doing whatEdit

Sumana - hackathon & mentor summit followup, commit access, volunteer recruitment & encouragement, code review meistering, mentorship/office hours plan, AOSA chapter, SocialCoding4Good Guillaume - AOSA chapter, Monthly report, (Communication support), Engineering project documentation, Volunteer documentation (planning) Mark H - 1.18 Tarball (including code review meistering), Bugzilla Monitoring, patch review meistering Rob - Recruiting/hiring, 1.18 release support (code review meistering) Siebrand - India hackathon / l10n / twn Claudia is still working on the (mirrored) bug database, the first state of each bug is missing, well and Wiki page with metrics but still a very first version


The first version has been submitted to the editors who have provided feedback. We're now addressing the feedback. Sumana has reached out to MediaWiki developers to address the fixmes; Guillaume has reached out to some of the Great Old Ones (Magnus, Lee) to try and get answers to the Very Old Questions. MediaWiki architecture document/text Sumana also asked Trevor for diagrams, will get some by Friday also Timo

Bug TriageEdit

Just turned on enotif for all wikis (initially this was just to test for an hour, but it looks like it is going too stay on). Mark said the load we're seeing is too little to bother with, currently 1 email/second. no bug triage meetings scheduled for this week Mark needs to keep up with this weekend's new bugs More new bugs are coming in After 1.18 came out, Mark added many Village Pump: Technical bugs into BZ, so many more people may be using BZ

Bugzilla managementEdit

main activity has been bug triage work we haven't done any config changes Mark to ask ops to puppetize Bugzilla -- low priority


Sumana still following up on NOLA hackathon & mentor summit talking on IRC re: commit access, code review meistering


For India: Sumana not sure there's a lot more of recruiting to be done ; we've already got people registered next week: Sumana will talk to people actually going, to prepare sprints, bug smashes, activities, etc. Rob: asking if there have been new mailing list signups, or other signs that people coming to the hackathons have joined our community (even temporarily) Sumana: not really, but we haven't pointed them to that either OTOH, we've seen people on lists / IRC from the coding challenge

Commit AccessEdit

continuing process had discussion yesterday with Tim, Aaron, and Chad clarified some things about the process; Sumana to write about the process to wikitech-l MaxSem suggested a public process on the wiki But it may not be a good thing to "expose" potential new developers to our critical community when they're the most fragile(?) Rob notes: more transparent communication style about it -- instead of saying, "the developers think this," say a person's name. Be diplomatic, but more personal. Sumana will do.


Lots on IRC patch review crusade; shouldn't be a bottleneck if Sumana's encouraging people to join / contribute and submit patches

Monthly reportEdit

The October report was published last week: Wikimedia engineering report/2011/October No work is planned on this this week. Will resume later this month

Communication supportEdit

Guillaume is going to work on the staff photos this week.

Wikimedia blog maintenanceEdit

Guillaume is planning some work on the skin & features of the Wikimedia blog planning for next week & week after

Engineering project documentationEdit

Guillaume worked on:

Team coordination:

  • Guillaume asking Sumana to help build the "Get involved!" section on the WMF engineering portal (sonner rather than later if possible in order to publish the portal quickly -- it can be improved / expanded later).
  • Sumana to add a few links, this week

Volunteer documentationEdit

Guillaume to start working on that next week and the week after, at about 40%.

Team coordination: Guillaume will need to coordinate with Sumana to make sure we don't duplicate work, and to share work.

  • To discuss this week, create action plan, list of deliverables, who's working on what!

1.18 deployment & release supportEdit

Sent email with an outline of things tbd yesterday: Mark is correcting how he uses tags we're down to about 30 revisions to review

  • Do we have a checklist for communication around the 1.18 release? Guiillaume, do you know?


Many candidates. Rob to write blog post this week - TLDR team, to do QA lead recruiting

Code review meisteringEdit

Trying to get a fair number of devs into a session on IRC to dole out revisions to review. Mark to get developers together tomorrow

  • to publicize as soon as he has a firm time

* mentorship/office hours planEdit

on hold

Mentor SummitEdit



Sumana: on hold


nonprofit (NGO) start-up match up OSS organizations with developers taking a leave from companies (?) pilot program with VMware; R&D dpt (Sumana, can we put this in a public etherpad?) (yes) We and 3-4 other nonprofits are in line to host some of their engineers


This Friday, US is off Sumana in Mumbai 16-21st unavailable. Also many WMFers. reminder of upcoming Thanksgiving holidays in US FYI, there were talks in that IRC channel yesterday about merging wikitech.wm.o into labsconsole.wm.o (and making it wikitech, and keeping the old wikitech as a static copy). If we do that it may be the opportunity we needed to organize the documentation on Ops projects and make them more visible / transparent. Ryan would be the lead on the ops side here