Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-10-18

List of projectsEdit

AOSA Bug Triage Bugzilla management Hackathons

  • NOLA
  • India

Commit Access Recruitment/encouragement (Monthly report) (Communication support) (Staff photos) 1.18 deployment support & release support Recruiting/hiring Code review meistering

  • mentorship/office hours plan

Mentor Summit Metrics

Who's doing whatEdit

Sumana - AOSA, Hackathons, Recuritment/encouragement, commit access, metrics, recruiting/hiring, mentor summit, code review mentorship/office hours plan Guillaume - AOSA book chapter (Monthly report, communication support, staff photos) Mark H - Bug triage, BZ management, 1.18 deployment & release, code review meistering Rob - 1.18 deployment & release, hiring


Guillaume doing a write-up sprint this week, hoping to have a good draft to get reviewed next week The document will probably need a lot of summarizing (we're around 4000 words with the bullet points only; heh) We are set to meet deadline & requirements. Lots of cleaning to do. Guillaume's core competence! Next important date: October 22nd, 2011: Delivery of the first draft (updated delivery date) to both MediaWiki community, & to commit in AOSA SVN.

Monthly reportEdit

Guillaume might be a little late on monthly report this month. Metrics & activities deadline is Nov 3rd Guillaume will have a clearer view by end of the week - maybe sumana can help? TODO: * Guillaume will check. next week to devote to report, hopefully

Bug triageEdit

Mark met Sam in New Orleans, also robla, talked about shell bugs figured out what Robla wanted him to do re shell bugs also did another bug triage: 1.18 regressions (in NOLA) got a few smashed, got assignments TODO: * Mark to write reports of those triages TODO: * RobLa to think about going over highest priority bugs in EPM meeting TODO: * Sumana to look into Bugzilla management ops stuff, consult with RobLa started planning database triage

  • TODO: Mark wants to ask Sumana about database triage

& ask about timing Mark also met MS SQL Server support workers (DJ & Ben)

Bugzilla managementEdit

Mark had meetings the past week to address highest-priority bugs, got many of them solved or got them on engineers' radar Mark wants to find a way to get a dump of all the publicly available information such as from the API, put it in a database he is very much struggling with how to get this information out Sumana suggests: prioritize this less than highest-priority bugs & patch intake Patches are highest-priority TODO: * Mark & Sumana to talk more offline


NOLA hackathon: over TODO: *Sumana has a ton of follow-up to do: notes, report for wikitech-l, blog entry, communicate w/ larger community, and volunteers / external people (Microsoft, GSoC) Mark to get in touch with Ben & DJ re MS stuff India: TODO: * Sumana to have in-person conversation with Alolita to coordinate Sumana asking if G and M have follow-up to do re: hackathons. No.

Commit accessEdit

Sumana got commit access & ability to give others access TODO: * Sumana to lead meeting & give access to people TODO: * send email to wikitech-l about process -- Sumana has notes from discussion with Tim and Chad and Aaron about how to improve the commit access process

Recruitment and encouragementEdit

Sumana has been doing a lot of this sumana feels like our flow is increasing; getting e-mails / IRC ping about how to help out (mostly "him"s) TODO: * sumana wants to keep better track of people, more systematic way to check for follow-up TODO: * Mark to coordinate Olena's testing work, help her validate bugs from Bugzilla, prioritize test cases Mark says: hashar suggests we start a mailing list for testers? TODO: * to discuss offline with Ashar and Sumana -- wanting to build alignment & community among testers can we not call it wikitest-l, but rather mediawiki-testing ? "wikitest-l" is going to be Bad (TM) for non-native speakers (Sumana agrees.)

Comm supportEdit

Guillaume not doing any this week (not planned, anyway)

Staff photosEdit

guillom did a bunch last week, nothing to happen this week

1.18 deployment supportEdit

also release Mark is worried that FIXMEs are growing this will impede git future Mark has been fielding a few more 1.18 deployment bugs wants to ensure they are taken care of by time of tarball release there is no revision report that shows what is blocking 1.18 release you would just look at FIXMEs from prior to branch point?

  • TODO: Sumana & Mark to talk offline
  • TODO: RobLa to ask Sam for tarball release ETA? sprint on fixing 1.18 deploy issues?


  • sumana to ask Rob - DONE

ZendCon! - is he doing an unconference session? does he have enough swag?

  • TODO: Rob's conference planning
  • TODO: Rob & Sumana to work on blog entries

Code review meisteringEdit

covered in FIXME conversation

mentorship/office hours planEdit

TODO: * Sumana to develop plan this week? who knows. maybe not since this is like a 3-day work week

Mentor SummitEdit

Friday to Sunday; at Google in Mountain View, with Neil & MaxSem


hack-day at Tech days last week; Sumana asked Ben to see how difficult it would be to install a tool to monitor a tool to provide community metrics. He said it would take weeks, which means this is now a "real" project. TODO: * Sumana to create specs, for Analytics team? a contractor? Volunteers? Work with Claudia? Sumana wants to talk to Erik & RobLa Question: Did I talk with Lydia/Nightrose (who wants to get metrics for KDE) Sumana presented our situation, looking into stuff, Mozilla project also doing something (dashboard). Lydia asked Mozilla, hasn't got back from them yet. Mozilla may end up setting up something for us, might not be very terribly useful


FYI: Daylight saving time coming to an end in France on Oct. 30th, i.e. a week before the US switches iirc; We'll be 8 hours ahead of you, instead of 9 hours, for the first week of November. TODO: * Mark to put his days off this week on GCal TODO: * Sumana to do the same