Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-09-27


  • 1.18
  • hiring
  • contracts


Last week:

  • AOSA book
  • engineering report
  • side activities: 1.18 comms, blog tweaks

This week:

Public Wikimedia todo list at


Upcoming involuntary vacation... Last week I pushed a lot on:

  • NOLA hackathon recruiting & travel
  • India hackathon phone calls
  • QA recruiting (volunteers) & interviewing
  • Weekend of Code
  • GSoC wrapup (blog post)
  • volunteer management

This week I aim to:

  • Catch up on all my email
  • Work on the marketing for the India hackathon (add "this is free", who is org'ing, participant eligibility, working hours)
  • Get my October travel planned.
  • AOSA push - whom to personally reach out to?

That's it. Lowering my sights. travel.... arriving SF Oct 9th probably



RobLa to coordinate with Mark re revisions that are being backported to 1.18