Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-09-20


On vacation today, writing ahead of time. Vacation Tues & Wed Sept. 20 & 21 Last week: NOLA recruiting & invitations, AOSA book writing push, some misc. volunteer followup This week: recruiting & managing volunteer QA during deployments, QA phone screens, more NOLA email to send out, & misc. Misc includes:

blog GSoC roundup, read & respond to Claudia's research proposal, Turn HOWTO workshop notes How to become a MediaWiki hacker/Workshop into a real curriculum by 28 September for Madras hackfest , get volunteer to fix Special:Code/MediaWiki/94171 , file expenses


   Reached out to WMDE for best practices for organising a Wikimedia event. Got great info from them. Still have to process (ref: WikiCon India hackathon)
   Did bug triage. Didn't have the time to use OpenHatch. Got two new people interested in developing for MediaWiki. Should send them a mail this week to follow-up. Report: mailarchive:wikitech-l/2011-September/055183.html
   Started to make CR comments when developers are not adding message documentation for newly added/changed user interface messages. mw:I18n#Message_documentation.


   Write triage report from 2 weeks ago
   Watch & help coordinate firefighting around 1.18 deployment; Manage bug reports from test2 wiki and other deployments
   Catch up on recent patches in Bugzilla
   Write report of activities from last week
   Postpone Wikibooks triage if I don't hear back from people Monday 
   Read You are not done yet and see if I can find something to write about or point others to for testing this week.
   ask Roan about Bugzilla:27849
   Do simplewiki import to test transaction nesting



Last week:

  • AOSA book
  • side activities: blog post reviews, monthly report

This week:

  • AOSA book: deep dive
  • blog post reviews, 1.18 deployment communications (Rob, FYI: m:Wikimedia maintenance notice ), monthly report
  • side activities: WMF blog tweaks, travel arrangements

Public Wikimedia todo list at


  • 1.18 deployment! (went well, minor bugs: Simple skin now working, texvc issue, ...). Also looked into delays with messages but was message cache rebuilding. Optimistic.
  • Hiring