Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-09-13


   is in another meeting at the moment 
   had a first feedback meeting with Mark (it is planned to have it every other week)
   will provide next time a link to the first analysis results :)


   Yesterday, ran FIXME & code review assignment.  Today: followup, may have time to write weekly report for last week.
   Mostly, pushing on 1.18 blockers
   Talked with mutante on IRC re upload speeds.  What's the best way to measure upload speeds? is new SWIFT storagell infrastructure going to change it (make it easier, more transparent)?


   Got SIP!
   Hackathon at WikiCon India 2011 in progress; working together with Sumana, Alolita and the WCI11 team. Aiming for 150 participants, including delegations from 9 or so large tech companies in India. Currently seeking info on what we need.
   Hijacking Mark's bug triage for tomorrow. He's happy with that AFAIK, because he's working hard on 1.18.
   No progress on getting inactive translators back to translating.
   Read over the "MediaWiki history" pages. Nice. WIll give possibilities to contribute some thought.

Idea for triage invite: - Sumana to walk Siebrand through where to click -> done. Interesting platform. Created a profile and added some bits to the site. They hang out in #openhatch in case you want to talk to the siterunners.


Last week:

  • mostly, preparation for the AOSA book
  • side activities: blog post reviews, monthly report

This week:

  • mostly, wiki archeology, deep dive into MediaWiki's history, and writing
  • Side activities: blog post reviews, 1.18 deployment communications, monthly report

Public Wikimedia todo list at (Sumana to talk with Guillaume to highlight WMF engineering efforts in the "hey 1.18 is coming up" blog post)


Last week: was in San Francisco. Meeting to plan code challenges, New Orleans hackathon planning/invitations, travel arrangements, much volunteer followup. code challenge etherpad: etherpad:weekend-code-planning To do this week:

  • Finish up New Orleans hackathon recruiting & invitations
  • Follow up with tech community regarding AOSA book writing
  • Start work on contributor agreement/ToS
  • Arrange October travel, family care
  • Misc: computer setup, expenses, meetings, GSoC blogging, Weekend of Code planning, QA recruiting/interviewing, volunteer follow-ups, blog with Rob :-)
   need to change date/time of that post-writing session - done


Last week:

  • 1.18, hiring
  • Planning volunteer dev tasks with Greg DeKoenigsberg

This week:

  • Deployment checklist for 1.18
  • onwiki communication to canary (aka "guinea pig", "pioneer") wikis because we have heterogenous deployment (HET deploy) now (just call them "first wave" in public places?)
  • Blog post drafting for 1.18 release
  • Meetings! (rescheduling 1:1s)
  • Hiring