Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-09-06


  • i18n triage
   Bug #164 “Support collation by a certain locale” and Bug #29000 “Allow font selection by language” took up most of the time, but we got resources allocated for other bugs, too.
  • Operations Escalation
   Since a number of the bugs in Bugzilla depend on Operations,  I needed better way to communicate with Ops people about high priority  items. CT Woo had most (all?) of the Operations people in SF a couple of  weeks ago and was able to set up a way for us to interact. We agreed to  meet on Thursdays in order to sync up our action items.


   After hearing Erik say that he was concerned that the NOLA  hack-a-thon wasn't going to have as much participation from outside of  WMF, I emailed NOLUG  (of which I used to be a member and whose mailing list I still  participate on). I should have asked Sumanah to intervene when Joey  asked “Is this intended to be wiki-centric? I'd love to hack, but not wiki stuff.” Her reply was better than mine.
   All was not lost, though. In the process, I reminded Ryan Lane to let the NOLAPHP group (of which he is a member) know about the Hack-a-thon, and pointed Sumana to other regional user groups that might be intersted in the event.



Last week: August engineering report, communications, continued to plan AOSA book. Full report at Public Wikimedia to-do list: This week:

  • Plan AOSA book work (new project page: MediaWiki architecture document )
    • Coordinate with Sumana (Wednesday?). Should be able to e-mail wikitech-l by Wednesday / Thursday
  • catch up on listmail, expense report, etc.


  • Hiring
  • Planning volunteer dev tasks with Greg DeKoenigsberg
  • 1.18 ramp-up to deployment


   Have SIP account, but only control is working, not up/down voice. Work in progress...
   Internationalisation triage was a great success. Thanks Mark! Relatively small number of volunteer community participants (IIRC Aryeh and Amir).
   Tried to get into contact with Alolita to make clearer plans for India hackathon. Will hopefully happen today, because we have to start communicating about it next week (2 months in advance). newsletter sent to 3,750 users (translatewiki:Project:News/Newsletter 2011-09 ) and translation rally (translatewiki:Project:Rally-2011-09) running for Kiwix, MediaWiki core and MediaWiki extensions used by Wikimedia until 2011-09-08 23:59 UTC with EUR 1000,00 in bounties.
   Want to start approaching inactive translators with personalised e-mails to try and get them active again. No detailed plans yet...


  • tested SIP and it seems to work
  • extended visualization on bug status transition analysis (with slider now) - will be finished soon, then start with bug life cycle
  • wants to talk to Mark about the results - meeting end of this week?
  • next things to do are additional interviews, general analysis bug rep... (more next next)