Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-08-30


Last Week: Code Review tagging

   Killed two birds with one stone last week by working with Sumana to  tag some revisions for review. This (evidently) helped her understand  what was going in the tagging process so that she could recruit  volunteers and it helped me get the revisions tagged.

Triage planning

   Excited by the triages with Tomasz Finc, I started planning a little more ahead. This will help keep the triage page that Guillaume pointed me to up to date and give it a little more definition than the “Dates are announced randomly and agenda is set somewhere” that was there before.

Did not email the people with FIXMEs. Top of his list today to do that HipHop people have patches against libcurl & libevent. Have not communicated those patches back to upstream package maintainers. libcurl - Mark asked the upstream to look at the patch. He needs to get communication going there on the hiphop mailing list. Same thing with libevent. Rob thinks that prodding HipHop people to communicate directly with upstream is best. get Tim involved as a last resort Take a look at newer APIs from libevent & libcurl folks. Patch is currently against an old version of libevent Mark did not work on CR trendline chart.


Last week: "Random misc. and other"

TODO this week: The short version: the big thing I have to push on is delving into the larger MediaWiki community and publicizing the NOLA hackathon so I can get good attendance. Additionally I must return LOTS of email and aid in India hackathon planning, and gather GSoC and parser news to publicize.

  • prepare spreadsheet of whom to invite/sponsor to NOLA hackathon, run it by Erik & Ryan
  • Lots of email followups - trying to delegate some.
  • OSCON & Wikimania - slay them once and for all, with email followups & travel reports


Last week: August engineering report, AbuseFilter communications, started to plan AOSA book. Full report at Public Wikimedia to-do list: This week:

  • Finish & publish August engineering report; Features done, Platform almost done: Wikimedia engineering report/2011/August (TL;DR section being finished today
  • Plan AOSA book work (new project page: MediaWiki architecture document )
    • Sumana should probably send out an email to the wikitech-l mailing list to let them know we're working on it & invite help, once we have a little more structure
  • sorting out some contract / admin stuff -- misunderstandings & mixups with umbrella company -- should get better


  • Hiring!
    • Selenium meetup - fruitful? YAY, yes
  • Blog stuff
  • SIP accounts - Claudia is not on the call. got NDA set up. Siebrand - Rob suggests he check in with Rayne from OIT
  • 1.18 release push - Rob's a little worried re velocity -- Aaron Schulz is back in the office. The problem is velocity of fixing FIXMEs, so Mark's email will help. Another thing that will help: daily 1.18 release meetings. now making a time that will "work" for everyone, or two meetings with Rob being the link between the two (I didn't invent that, it was Rob's idea, I read it somewhere) We really need Tim, no one can proxy for Tim well? Maybe THREE, one every 8 hours? or just two, but with Tim being the link between the two
  • Git planning
    • migrate to git before HipHop ... fundraiser means conservatism, so we can't do hiphop switch before fundraiser, but use natural downtime? Still some discussion to have around timing of continuous integration work, HipHop, git migration... platform engineering meeting?
    • ?


   Interesting stuff:
   [Mediawiki-l] Case Study: KDE Userbase wiki mailarchive:mediawiki-l/2011-August/037869.html OpenID, LiquidThreads, Translate, SphinxSearch (Sumana asked for that case study, yay +1!) A research project of the Software Technology Group at the University of Darmstadt, Germany. It is part of a bachelor thesis. Got a mail from them asking for reviewing and fixing FAQ items). I think they may have gotten the e-mail addresses from 
   Still no SIP extension - Apparently have to chase Rayne/OfficeIT
   Have contract signed and am waiting for official announcement (had expected that yesterday end of day actually). Given that I'm also Product Manager in a features team, please let me know if any of my updates are outside of the scope of TL;DR. During this meeting, my updates should be about volunteer community facing activities (!).
   Prepared i18n triage for tomorrow with Mark and Niklas etherpad:BugTriage-2011-08
   Translate extension is in review by Roan. May take a few more weeks, but we hope this will bring a pilot implementation at a Wikimedia wiki (meta/ closer, so that the community translation  process will improve a lot.
   Kiwix localisation is going strong. Now 26 languages with 85%+ translated, compared to 19 last week.
   Made proposals for presentation (m:WikiConference India 2011/Submissions/Language support in Wikipedia) and workshop (m:WikiConference India 2011/Submissions/MediaWiki Translation Sprint) at WikiConference India 2011
   Both Alolita and have made contact with the WCI 2011 organisers about a possible two day Hackaton alongside WCI 2011, and hacking events/translations sprints in Pune and Bangalore. Requested "Best Practices and HowTo from Sumana. Have to wait to responses for a few days.
   Still no newsletter, but it's coming really soon now  (including translation rally that will require a completed translation of Kiwix to qualify for a piece of the EUR 1000.00 bounty).

Claudia (not attending today)Edit

  • has implemented a first visualization in order to reveal a pattern of change in the bug status field (which helps me to determine a "usual" bug life cycle)
  • has experienced that the description on the MediaWiki website ( is not the way how it is done
  • has started to exchange emails on this topic with Mark (Sumana CC)
  • is still waiting for comments on her proposal
  • is now on her way to bed because she has a terrible cold and her brain is too slow for everything :(

Call ends after 28 mins.