Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-07-19


In ur wiki, editin ur project pages Last week:

  • In a nutshell: Project pages, Wikimania prep, network maintenance + communications framework

This week:

  • In a nutshell: Project pages, project pages, project pages, Wikimania prep

Coordination with other team members:

  • Mark: I created a proper project page for your work, based on the Bugmeister page: Bug management
  • Sumana: I'm going to create a project page for your work: Volunteer coordination and outreach
    • Activity homepage!
  • Also need to respond to Arthur's e-mail about community/volunteer engagement for fundraising engineering; this could be a pilot project to use project pages for this purpose


Last week I:

  • prepped a little for my Wikimania talk (need to work a lot more on that this week)
  • wrote most of a summary of how Launchpad does releases & deployments, posted: User:Sumanah/Launchpad-dev-process
  • thought about how we do commit access
  • schemed about getting MediaWiki to the documentation sprint summit <> this fall (need to follow up this week)
  • managed & collected GSoC evaluations
  • followed up on Wikia, Postgres, RTL, & Wikimania recruitment, and Splinter
  • did my annual self-review
  • etc.

RobLa: allday offiste thing 10 days ago -- a work product of that will be a "how we do code review, deployment & release" doc for MediaWiki, akin to what Sumana wrote re Launchpad So this week, before I leave midday Friday for CLS and OSCON:

  • Continuing stuff: GSoC, the parser team, volunteer recruitment (this week for Wikimania, OpenID extension, and an orphaned page-by-page auth extension)
  • Platform Engineering meeting -- help prep, and do some wiki cleanup
  • a Bugzilla default assignee sprint with Mark
  • Get MediaWiki "what's new, how you can help" flyers designed
  • Continue prepping Wikimania talk
  • Scheme to get a proposal to the documentation summit <> this week

more details: User:Sumanah/TODO

  • At Wikimania, talk to Tim about interwiki transclusion


re interwiki transclusion: what are we doing? Tim didn't respond (but didn't object!) Sam is very busy

  • Rob to talk with Sam about it
   should not be too risky in default merge

This week (top bit): w:en:User:MarkAHershberger/Current_TODOs

  • clarify what he needs to do on 1.18
    • get all deployment blockers in the process of getting fixed
    • check with Rob on what needs to be done on the rebranching, and do it
    • check that the FIXME wiki page is right, and maintain it
  • get initial Bugzilla data for Claudia's use
  • cancel the big IRC triage, and do little triages going through individual developers' queues, concentrating on remote developers who are in SF this week: Roan, Chad, Andrew, Trevor, Timo, Aaron
  • sprint with Sumana and clean up default assignees in Bugzilla

Last Week: w:en:User:MarkAHershberger/Weekly_reports/2011-07-18


  • just got back from holiday.
  • going to start Product Management Localisation tomorrow (Wednesday) for max. 20 hours/week. "Daily" "stand up" meetings with at least Niklas, GerardM and hopefully from mid-August another developer.
   What is PML?
       Oh, Siebrand *is* Product Management for Localisation.  Working on user stories for specific set of features.
       Are you working on that Sumana? Right. I have no idea yet how I will start, but user stories will of course be part of it. Robin: yes, for sure. How public is this pad? Can't say everything if it's a known URL... There will be a few developers until end December 2011. PML is in Features team. We'll focus on Indic language issues and Portuguese, although in the latter there isn't too much that we expect will take a lot of time. Input methods, on-screen keyboard, webfonts are what I expect going to be the main focus in the beginning.
           Not that I know of.
               Mark asks: can we get SPQRobin involved somehow?
                   This pad is completely public, and listed in our Etherpad TOC.
  • translation rally to start soon; focus on MediaWiki 1.18 release (core and Wikimedia extensions)
  • will be announced in newsletter to all newletter recipients (˜3.000).
  • going to prepare something for hacking days, because we're hosted in an RTL country. I don't have a presentation in the main conference.
  • probably have to prepare a techblog post on what we're going to do with L10n product management. Will be in touch with Erik and Alolita about that.
  • SPQRobin made a *lot* of RTL related updates recently. I'm going to ask Niklas to review those and will ask if Amir can test them.

RobLa says: this all looks good. Anything else specifically? Did Roan say 1.18 would be RTL stuff too? I have no idea... Will probably be *a lot of reverting* if it needs to be backed out. I expect 30-40 commits at least. I think we should get it in, but that's without knowing how complete and stable it is. Will know by end of week. From what Robla said just now, souds like RTL will be in there. Sweet! See green bit below *nod*



  • Code Review training
   we'll have a video camera!... but written notes will be more reusable, so please do that too so we can have reference materials on =]
  • Finishing up on reviews
  • Job descriptions for Sam and Aaron
  • QA Lead recruiting
  • System Engineer recruiting

we are looking for a set of test wikis to deploy 1.18 to first. Thinking Hebrew Wikisource. Seems unlikely we can pull off a test deploy before Wikimania. But if we can get something out to that community, it'll give us something to talk about at Wikimania.