Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-07-05


Last week:

   Finished Requests for comment/Unit testing and sent it out
   Open Source Bridge followups, approx. 40 emails plus a big blog post
   Google Summer of Code -- some followup, told students & mentors that evaluations are coming up soon
   Got Aaron Parecki to apply for commit status so he can commit MW extensions for IRC, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
   Some recruiting, including LinkedIn trawling and posting to MeFi Jobs
   some GLAM followup
   Wikimania followup
   Wrote & edited a tiny fraction of the monthly engineering report
   Misc logistics
   Submitted OSCON Ignite talk

NEW TODO: get new devs into tomorrow's "what's actually easy" IRC meeting


w:en:User:MarkAHershberger/Weekly_reports/2011-07-04 (redlink) w:en:User:MarkAHershberger/Current_TODOs last week: HTML5 - seeking champion, maybe Reedy Hindi wiki & number representation talked with RobH re shell bugs, cleared up confusion - had talked to ops looked at 1.18 re blockers thumbnail thing? code review pass Priorities for the week: actual things showing up on Wikimedia, like thumbnail bug, & syntax highlighting extension causing PHP segfaults on production 1.18 blockers -- get all those in the process of getting fixed Code review Bug triage HipHop, backburner RobLa & Mark to talk more offline 1.18 blockers: big deal maybe make a pass through on code review stuff as well code review for 1.18 is a big priority, also getting blockers off the list we're down below 500 revisions now! could clear it out this week! \o/ last week, Rob & Mark decided that this week's triage will be for "easy" bugs check whether they are actually easy get newer devs to look, check actual easiness who should be involved? espec newer developers Sumana to be in on this one -- want to get the list of bugs marked easy & make sure it is a list we can really point to when we recruit new devs. Triage to be Wednesday of this week.


Last week:

This week:

  • catching up on e-mail, lists, etc.
  • Mostly: prepare for Wikimania + figure out a lightweight process for project pages & status updates (that will probably include a lot of spamming)

Also, groceries may be delivered during this meeting, I may have to duck out for a few minutes. Groceries delivered, ice cream being consumed happily. =]


  • Hiring!
  • 1.17 postmortem
  • Blog posts: (FOR REALZ!!!) (... nah, not really)
    • Platform Engineering
    • OWA postmortem