Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-06-28


Open Source Bridge was good. I gave three presentations that were well-received ["Learn Tech Management in 45 Minutes," "What's New in MediaWiki 1.17 and How You Can Help," and "Nerdy Stand-up Comedy" (my 25-minute routine)]. I recruited some volunteers to work on MediaWiki stuff, gave out lots of fliers describing open WMF positions and developed a few promising candidates, and schmoozed a LOT. During the closing ceremonies, I was named one of three Open Source Citizens by the conference. User:Sumanah/TODO

  • Sumana: look into getting Wikia people commit access. Who already has it?


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   SPQRobin is tearing it up on #6100! (RTL)
   Debian HipHop package started

Theme tonight: production-related bugs. Right people for triage attendance? Mark is preparing for that.


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Last week:

  • Mostly project pages & status updates
  • Communications support for blog posts, outage, etc.

This week:

  • Monthly report week
    • I'll ask some more info from you guys to finish the report
  • Preparation for SF, Haifa, etc.


  • Hiring
  • Platform Engineering (hiring) blog post
  • Working with Sam and ErikZ while they're in the office
  • OWA blog post (reminder: m:Wikimedia Blog/Guidelines )
  • Various firefighting exercises