Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-06-14

Attending: RobLa, Sumana, Mark H., Claudia, Guillaume


Last week:

  • Installed MediaWiki, found & reported bug.
  • Volunteer followup, espec re parser, HipHop & Haifa
  • Reached out to a few big MediaWiki contributors I don't know
  • GSoC management
  • Helped APS developer
  • Started playing with bugzilla API client (very little progress)
  • Sought metadata volunteers & leader (GLAM) - Claudia, don't know this abbr. Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums; see outreach:GLAM :)
  • Bug triage meeting & others


  • Wrote CiviCRM blog post
  • OTRS queue
  • Business cards
  • Travel plans for June)

This week:

   Continue to manage GSoC -- urgent
   Attend several in-person engineering meetings to investigate which ones could be better opened up to the community, and how
   Talk with parser team and publicize their efforts
   Chat with Erik re GLAM and toolserver work
   Consult our CiviCRM administrators to talk about leveraging that or  another CRM system to track the MediaWiki contribution ecology
   Start documenting how our various test frameworks currently work (or  don't) and ask engineers for their comments, focusing on architectural  decisions to be made and opportunities for crowdsourcing
   Continue following up with potential volunteers, with especial  attention to HipHop, Wikimania, wiki gnomes for Project pages, Postgres 
   contact OverlordQ and Greg Sabino Mullane re Postgres support,
   re wikignomes -- prob with project pages is that people who have the info keep it & don't publish it... try to get people who see mailing list posts & IRC info to use it to update the wiki project pages.
   Talk with Mark about aligning work effort 
   Work with Mark re grabbing "number of changes made in BZ over time periods" data
   Get Claudia more involved in TL;DR Claudia: What is TL;DR?  Technical Liaisons; Developer Relations (and a bad joke) many terms to learn, uff... it's the name of this group :) 

Mark H.Edit

w:en:User:MarkAHershberger/Weekly_reports/2011-06-13 w:en:User:MarkAHershberger/Current_TODOs idea: Apache bug sprint. Maybe talk to people in person about what that would mean.


Last week:

   Reports, blog posts, community FAQ, blog guidelines

This week: Focus is on:

  • project pages
  • reporting process improvement (inc. meeting tomorrow)
  • wiki configuration harmonization
  • finalizing the contract & paperwork at last? hopefully
  • if time: blog tweaks

Mark asks: know anything about ShortURL? Negative. Good to put on all wikis? Mark to possibly ask Guillaume for more info via email

Rob L.Edit

talked about Claudia, researcher on the MW community; may be able to help us define metrics on how we're doing, esp. for Sumana's work


walk through the most important web pages on web site - Sumana? social and technical coordination interaction technical rules; standards other floss projects: reciprocal replacement same in MediaWiki? Changes in the future? (number of developers, characteristics, etc.) Reciprocal replacement? social and technical coordination can substitute each other interviews: we're working on that ToDo: email the notes to Sumana, SVN access for Sumana

   Sumana to coordinate with Claudia re getting 15 min to look at pages, find important ones.

June 7Edit


User:Sumanah/TODO Last week:

  • GSoC firefighting & mentor management
  • Started recruiting a metadata group lead for the GLAM uploading/data ingestion stuff
    • Mathias Schindler is a good idea
  • Finished up leftover Berlin hackfest documentation w Guillaume
  • Continued following up with potential volunteers
  • Met with American Psychological Society, will help smooth their path with tech issues
  • Responded to Wikimedia Mexico, will see what they can do for ops
  • Meetings


   Continue following up with potential volunteers, with especial attention to parser & HipHop & Wikimania planning.
   Continue to manage GSoC -- urgent
   Travel plans
   Work with Mark re grabbing "number of changes made in BZ over time periods" data
   Get Claudia more involved in TLDR
   Research high-volume MediaWiki contributors I don't know

Mark H.Edit


   Talked to Amir about #6100
   everyone seems to think this is a major new feature! where will resources come from?


   Ensure that 1.17 fixes get merged appropriately, nuke most of the merge list
   Set blog post up for translation translatewiki:User:MarkAHershberger/blog-RTL-Developers-wanted
   Bugzilla stats with Priyanka
   need to discuss extensions to bundle into 1.18 or 1.19 -- which ones? on wikitech-l.  Cite & ParserFunctions, AjaxLogin? what else?
   Apache bug sprint.  talk to Roan, Reedy, & Chad
   getting Priyanka set up as Wikinews webmaster for Google site thing? Webmaster console? whom should we use for this? requires DNS updates.  Google wants you to modify the DNS to verify that you are the webmaster.
   Rob suggests we ask the ops group to do this.  General email account to set up for this?
   Interwiki transclusion - we need to get the code reviewed. Is it up to date? was written a year ago.  People really want it deployed.  Roan has said he's willing to merge it from branch to trunk.
   GSoC student from last year did this.
   Sumana & Mark to work on this offline.
   Find Wikimedia people in RTL countries - Morocco, Tunisia, etc.
   Give Sumana a list of the people you think are interested? or could be?

How is the bug backlog? started jumping around a bit in there. tried to see old bugs that have recent activity. asked Alolita re WMF providing RTL dev resources, & she doesn't have anyone on features who can work on that


Last week: This week:

  • IPv6 comms; testing day was eventually canceled, but we'll be ready communicationwise when it comes
  • WMF monthly report
  • reporting process improvement
  • configuration changes stuff
  • project pages
  • Berlin photos

If time:

  • blog guidelines
  • blog tweaks


  • Hiring!
  • 1.17 release
  • Contracts for existing folks

Rob to discuss RTL resources with Mark

June 2, 2011Edit


Sumana finishing up Berlin, talk to Guillaume metrics progress, talk to Mark following up with volunteers -- parser! looking for a metadata working group lead (following GLAMcamp) User:Sumanah/TODO robla & brion wants sumana to work on the parser to follow up on Berlin RobLa to talk with Sumana re Erik's interest in GLAM project etherpad:GenEng-Dev-2011-06-01


This week: working on monthly report, & creating project pages & updating them Processed staff photos TODO list is not public! on the office wiki, though:


lots of discussion with Danese, Sue, Erik

May 24, 2011Edit

RobLa: hiring & working with GP TODO: get together with GP to talk GenEng TODO: hiring-related blog post. Guillaume: absent


coordinated Google News Sitemap deployment with Chad, Priyanka, Tim. fixing bugs - postgres-related - as mentioned in bug triage meeting yesterday getting metrics out of Bugzilla

   page that pulls from BZ API

getting RTL dev request blog post translated into RTL languages

   Work with Casey Brown? Mark to use his best judgment

Getting stuff from Wikia developers, integrating hooks RobLa: coordinate postgres with Tim

   how long? don't expect to take him more than a day.  Will talk to Tim.
   Talked to Tim, he didn't have another dev ready.  Got distracted by a bug that said 1.17 was eating up 3x time to render yesterday (Tuesday) so I'll work on it today.


User:Sumanah/TODO TODO: file a ticket in rt requesting shell access for purposes of granting svn access to others. Attach key or link to key elsewhere. TODO: blogging re Berlin again? talk to Guillaume waiting on Mark re metrics. re new work computer: can put off till next week Etherpads from Berlin: etherpad:mwhack11Fri etherpad:mwhack11Sat etherpad:mwhack11Sat-Parser etherpad:mwhack11Sun etherpad:2011TechMeetingDay01 etherpad:2011TechMeetingDay02