EMWCon Spring 2020/Announcement


We are excited to announce EMWCon Spring 2020, the Enterprise MediaWiki Conference [0], happening from April 1-3 in Sandusky, Ohio USA. The conference will have two days of talks followed by a one day Create Camp. There will be many opportunities to interact with others using and developing MediaWiki.


Registration Deadline - March 2nd (required for inclusion in all pre-planned events - nasa tour, dinner, etc..)

Talk Submission Deadline - March 16th (required to be listed in the program)


If you know you're going to attend:

  • Please add your name to the unofficial attendance list [4] and watch that page for more detail on registration.
  • Book your room today[3]
  • Registration for EMWCon is coming soon, so WATCH EMWCon Spring 2020 to get notifications of updates in advance of future announcements.

If you'd like to propose a talk

  • Please propose your talk on the event page [1] as soon as possible, including a title, a brief description, and your name
  • If your presentation is accepted, we’ll contact you to get a short abstract of your talk
  • All presentations will be recorded and made available after the conference.
  • Check out the CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS section below for more information

To learn more about previous EMWCon conferences, please see [2]

  • If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.
  • Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you in April 2020!!!


If you are using MediaWiki + some important combination of extensions, we would love to have you as a speaker.

We are looking for speakers to provide 20 minute talks that address any combination of the following questions:

  • Tell us about your enterprise wiki application -- What version are you running? Which extensions matter most to you?
  • Tell us what business domain it serves -- Private Industry? Non-Profit? Gov?
  • Tell us what you use it for and how – Content Management? Documentation? Resource Planning? Compliance?
  • Tell us what technical and implementation successes and challenges can you tell us about? – Availability? Confidentiality? Integrity?
  • Tell us what cultural successes and challenges can you tell us about? – Reach? Engagement? Training?
  • Tell us what administration and lifecycle successes and challenges can you tell us about?
  • Tell us how Mediawiki fits in to your organization’s mission and vision and what your plans are for your MediaWiki site going forward


This is the 5th meeting of this group, however it is the 1st time we will be meeting in an actual large-scale conference venue

"The Kalahari" in Sandusky is an all-in-one, family-friendly hotel-resort-conference venue.

  • Conference attendees will get family sized rooms at discounted rate of ~ $105 US per night (versus the normal > $200 advertised resort rates)
  • Conference attendees and their families will get full-run of the world's largest indoor water park included with their room bookings

The conference venue is located across the street from NASA's Plum Brook Station, where NASA Orion Spacecraft is presently being tested for the Artemis-1 mission to the moon.


The EMWCon 2020 organizing committee


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