Discovery plans for gerrit cleanup day 2015

A few of us met to ensure that everyone in the department has a plan for Gerrit Cleanup Day (Wednesday 2015-09-23). We think most folks are accounted for, and came up with ideas for others, and several action items.

Here are the ideas we discussed, categorized by group (where several people are in a group of one):


Data analystsEdit

Dan (Product Manager)Edit

Kevin (Agile Coach)Edit

Moiz (UX)Edit

  • Maybe spend the time adding items to the UX backlog?
  • Kevin will check with Moiz

Tomasz (Director)Edit

  • Currently in the process of getting root access to cluster
  • Plans to review and update search cluster documentation (esp data center)

Wes (VP)Edit

  • Kevin will check with Wes to see what he is planning