Discovery/Status updates/2019-08-05

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2019-08-05



  • Erik discovered that Prometheus was not collecting cloudelastic, he defined cloudelastic as a cluster in hieradata [1]
  • The team worked on fixing documentation of boolean operators [2] and you can read about it here.
  • We needed to help get cloudelastic working with the request streams that we need, so, we fixed LVS IPv6 addresses [3]
  • There was a spike of errors on eventlogging events that needed to be addressed [4]
  • We evaluated druid+turnilo+superset for search metrics going forward and found it to be reasonable; so, now we'll build a superset dashboard for search satisfaction 'did you mean' metrics [5]
  • Erik finished yup the work to initialize CirrusSearch on cloudelastic [6]
  • *borked* — Icinga check defined from LVS configuration for cloudelastic and now fixed- cloudelastic checks for all ports have been generated on icinga. However, only IPv4 checks were generated and this is Ok for now. If there's need to generate IPv6 checks, please reopen this task [7]
  • David found an issue where labweb mw hosts were unable to contact any of the elasticsearch clusters and fixed it [8]

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