Discovery/Status updates/2019-06-10

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2019-06-10



  • Trey has finished his first analysis of a proposal to strip diacritics in Slovak for searching. Slovak searchers don't always use them, but removing them causes new problems for stemming. Read more on MediaWiki [1] or Phabricator [2]—and join the discussion if you speak Slovak!
  • Mathew worked on creating a Cookbook to restart WDQS after applying updates or doing a deployment [3]
  • The team worked with Analytics to port usage of mediawiki_CirrusSearchRequestSet to mediawiki_cirrussearch_request [4]
  • When a new item is created, we have functionality to instant-index it synchronously, even if with partial information, so it appears quickly in the index - Stas worked on getting the un-redirected items to be instant-indexed [5]
  • CirrusSearch\SearcherTest::testSearchText PHPUnit tests take a long time to run and is slowing down change processing in CI - David helped to make it faster [6]
  • It is currently not possible to evaluate all items without labels, so we investigated adding haslabel:all and determined that matching an _all field and a descriptions_all field worked well [7]
  • We removed old settings ($wgLexemeUseCirrus and $wgLexemeDisableCirrus) as they were both set to true for production (no longer applicable / out of date) [8]
  • David fixed an issue where suggested article are no longer shown, API Usage for the morelike search endpoint has dropped since train deploy of 1.34.0-wmf.7 -- by accident. [9]
  • Geodata not being returned for some files - David merged in a few patches to be sure that we don't lose CoordinatesOutput when multiple slots are available [10]
  • An old request to fix where Special:Search doesn't use labels and descriptions for suggestions but just the item ID was worked on by Stas and was enabled [11]
  • A PHP notice in MW-Vagrant when searching with CirrusSearch was happening in the action API and web serach interface. Thanks for fixing it, Ottomata!