Discovery/Status updates/2019-04-15

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2019-04-15



  • Porting of search code from Wikibase to WikibaseCirrusSearch is finished. [1] and [2]
  • Trey worked on updating our Analysis Tools with some recent ad hoc improvements [3]
  • Mathew and Gehel created a cookbook to copy data between WDQS servers [4]
  • A volunteer developer asked for our help to to be able to sort search results by date, as well as by 'relevance'. Upon looking at this again, we realized we had already implemented this functionality [5] but probably need some UI updates that are detailed in [6]
  • Erik and David worked on getting search sorted by creation date to include some missing items, it's been complete for a while but our mass indexing process takes about 8 weeks to finish up, and now it appears that it's all done [7]
  • Erik found that metrics were being reported for the wrong cluster when $wgCirrusSearchClusterOverrides is used and fixed it [8]
  • An error was found where a fatal error occurred when submitting "insource" query on [9]

Wikidata Query ServiceEdit

  • UI URL shortener has been switched to Wikimedia shortener. [10] This means you can now post short URLs on wiki!