Discovery/Status updates/2019-03-18

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2019-03-18



  • Nearly done with the upgrade to ElasticSearch v6:
    • Upgrade relforge to elasticsearch 6.5.4 [1]
    • Upgrade deployment-elastic* to 6.5.4 [2]
    • Build wmf-elasticsearch-search-plugins.deb that supports elastic 6.5.4 [3]
  • There was a minor bug in not getting a search result for "garrett marquis" or "Garrett Marquis"; Erik investigated and found it was a minor html issue and corrected it. FYI, it will take ~8 weeks for all content across all wikis to be reindexed. [4]
  • As part of the work done to separate the CirrusSearch/Elastic specific code from Wikibase code base, Stas deployed WikibaseCirrusSearch in production and all searches are now running through it [5]


  • New Release of Blazegraph (2.1.5) is announced. We have released 0.3.1 version of WDQS build with it. [6]