Discovery/Status updates/2019-03-11

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2019-03-11



  • As part of the ElasticSearch v6 upgrade:
    • uploaded ElasticSearch 6.5.4 packages to reprepro [1]
    • Adapted the ElasticSearch puppet module [2]
    • Tested that we can run multiple ElasticSearch clusters on same hardware [3]
  • We discovered that the Maven Wrapper does not support XDG_CACHE_HOME, so we updated java8: to actually use the new image; fixing the mvn wrapper cache issue [4]
  • Upon unpacking the Greek analysis chain, we found that the filter isn't properly handling language-specific lowercasing in language analyzers; fixed it by adding Greek empty-token filter and keep lang-specific lowercasing [5]
  • As part of the lang-specific lowercasing, we also upgraded the ICU normalization (more info) [6]
  • We decided we should use a better/cleaner approach for icinga elasticsearch check and merged http and https elasticsearch icinga checks into one [7]
  • We also updated the alerts for mjolnir daemons, so we can tell when it starts misbehaving [8]