Discovery/Status updates/2019-02-11

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2019-02-11



  • Stas and Trey worked on creating a textcat package to deploy [1]
  • Mathew and Gehel collaborated on creating an Icinga check for failed shard allocation [2]
  • Search, SRE, and WMCS created a cloudelastic-root group that refines certain access to the search clusters [3]
  • Erik ran Wikidata entity autocomplete AB test on de, fr, es wikis. The testing proved to be good, and the new wbsearchentities profiles have been deployed [4]
  • Erik worked to create a metastore if it is missing from indexNamespaces.php (installs were failing while running updateSearchIndexConfig.php) [5]
  • David reworked how source_regex timeout is done in Cirrus (to limit the source_regex query from consuming all the cluster resources) [6]
  • David also confirmed that the ApiFeatureUsage still works with ElasticSearch 6.5.4 [7]
  • Erik noted that as production search indicies are now split across three clusters per datacenter, mwgrep needs to be able to query multiple ElasticSearch clusters [8]
  • Erik ensured that the mjolnir daemons will work seamlessly with ElasticSearch 5 or 6 [9]
  • Trey and David ensured that the Elastic language analysis components, our internal components, and third-party components are all working as expected in ElasticSearch 6 [10]