Discovery/Status updates/2019-02-04

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2019-02-04



  • Based on feedback received during a conversation at All Hands, Erik wrote up a page documenting how to utilize dependencies inside pyspark with a custom setup at the start of a notebook.
  • Julia (NLP contractor) is working on various things and will use glent in part of that research. :)
  • Nuria is reading / watching all sorts of documentation regarding search, here's a video that is interesting.
  • Erik finished up more documenting debt with adding the search sort options that are available in the API [1]
  • David worked on using subphrase matching for autocomplete by default on specific sites [2]
  • Erik worked on starting a new browser bot instance running elastic 6 to help get ready for the upcoming es6 upgrade [3]
  • Erik noticed that once the elasticsearch cluster split is complete we will need to be ready to start deploying the archive index split, and went ahead and dropped the "archive" from generic index on testwiki [4]
  • Trey reviewed David's port of all of our internal and external language analyzers to Elasticsearch 6. There are some unexpected upgrades, and there were a few problems, which David immediately fixed (and added new tests to cover). [5]