Discovery/Status updates/2019-01-21

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2019-01-21



  • Trey did a write up about his ideas for the wrong keyboard implementation and UI, and the new language models and parameter optimization for TextCat for the wrong-keyboard and wrong-encoding detection. [1]
  • David updated and manually re-built the Hebmorph plugin for ElasticSearch 6, and Trey reviewed it to make sure it worked as expected. [2]
  • David double checked that chi to psi/omega indices are no longer used and delete them. [3]
  • David also worked on dropping the "archive" type in the general index [4]
  • David wrapped up on moving the phrase suggest related code to its FallbackMethod [5]
  • Erik worked on modifying Wikidata entity completion search for per-language tuning parameters [6]
  • Erik also worked on a bug where we didn't retain cross-cluster identifier in OtherIndexes [7]
  • Erik fulfilled a feature request to add chronological sorting by-page-creation-timestamp for search results [8]
  • David also upgraded the Elasticsearch plugins extra, extra-analysis and highlighter to elasticsearch 6.5.4 [9]
  • Stas is working on separating ElasticSearch parts of Wikibase into a separate extension [10]