Discovery/Status updates/2018-12-10

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2018-12-10


  • Rare Character Search? Have you ever wanted to search for "rare" characters on-wiki—like the Ankh (☥), unusual punctuation like a ditto mark (〃), or uncommon whitespace characters like an 'en space'? We're trying to gauge interest in a potential future feature that would make finding them easier. Join the conversation on Phabricator [1], English Wikipedia or Wiktionary, or Commons (links at [2]).



  • Gehel and David worked on configuring LVS endpoints for new ElasticSearch clusters [3]
  • David worked on adding a noop surrogate_merger as a BC tokenfilter for WMF indices as part of the work needed for upgrading to ES6 [4]
  • David got some help from others and worked on adding in all three elasticsearch cluster to labs services [5]
  • David also worked on adding a job cirrusSearchLinksUpdate: Failed creating job from description ("Page does not exist") [6]


  • Stas worked on WDQS updating problems [7], [8] and on fixing some SPARQL bugs [9], [10], [11]