Discovery/Status updates/2018-12-03

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2018-12-03



  • Mathew and Gehel worked on setting up ElasticSearch on the new codfw servers [1]
  • Erik finished up the work to analyze wbsearchentities AB test from Nov/Dec and found that clicks@1 improved from 80% to 84% with no change to abandonment rate or number of characters type (report). [2].
  • Lots of conversation from the team is on this ticket about building a pipeline to transform ElasticSearch queries with 'explain' enabled to see if we can get a tf graph out of it [3]
  • Mathew and Gehel collaborated on writing cookbooks to support Spicerack's ElasticSearch multi cluster/instance [4]
  • David worked on introducing rewrite/second-try strategies for search by externalizing the language detector creation, this code will go out on the train the week of December 10th [5]
  • Erik and the team worked on an A/B testing plan for wbsearchentities, context=item, in order to help with investigating user click data to help better tune the Wikidata search parameters [6]