Discovery/Status updates/2018-09-10

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2018-09-03 and 2018-09-10




  • Trey finished up the Esperanto analysis, stemmer updates and reindexing of the wikis [1], [2], [3]
  • Erik tackled a lot of small bugs that will be in production the week of Sep 18th: redirect showing irrelevant info [4], strings starting with a # sign were redirecting to main page [5], error when using double quotes in the category or title [6], "close redirects" in error messages [7], UI issue where 'results 1 of 2' is displayed when only one result is found [8]
  • Mathew fixed an issue with alerting for when Elasticsearch has shards larger than the maximum size [9]
  • Erik worked on getting CirrusSearch to gracefully handle missing plugin sections in the ElasticSearch response [10]
  • Gehel and Erik did some Mjolnir query daemon monitor work [11], [12]
  • Trey fixed an issue where empty strings caused by ICU folding in ElasticSearch were getting indexed [13]
  • The work for using Kafka for communicating between the analytics cluster and elasticsearch has finished [14]

Wikidata Query ServiceEdit

  • Diskspace upgrade has been finished
  • Categories are now updated daily in WDQS from daily diffs [15]