Discovery/Status updates/2018-05-28

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2018-05-28



  • Erik worked on evaluating and building out features provided by `query_explorer` functionality of learning-to-rank plugin, there is lots of good info in the ticket [1]
  • David worked on allowing searches with "all:" keyword to also work on non-English projects, and not only with its translations ("searchall") [2]
  • David increased the cirrus indices to have more shards for enwiki_general, viwiki_general and wikidatawiki_content [3]
  • David reverted an earlier patch that had depreciated the global namespace handling of the prefix keyword; the new patch was deployed — prefix and associated InputBox forms should work as before. [4]
  • Trey and Gehel deployed the updated search/extra plugin and search/extra-analysis-slovak plugin with Slovak Stemmer [5] and will be available after a re-indexing [6]
  • Stas enabled deep category support on all wikis (except private) [7]
  • Stas reindexed wikidata to enable support for searching for string & external ID property values [8], [9]
  • Stas implemented basic text indexing for Lexemes [10]