Discovery/Status updates/2018-03-12

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2018-03-12



  • There was a small issue with increasing the ltr.cache.max_size in Cirrus elasticsearch clusters which has now been solved and the servers have been restarted and we're getting consistent performance again [1]
  • Wikidata full text search patches merged, look for the new search next week!
  • Trey wrote blog post on supporting multi-script languages. [2]


  • We finally tracked down issues on wdqs1004 which has been down for almost 2 weeks [3]. It looks like a decommissioned server was trying to steal its IP address. The problem has been fixed and WDQS cluster is again at full capacity.
  • Moved polling back from Kafka to RecentChanges due to MirrorMaker issues. Will switch back after issues [4] are resolved.


  • We are moving some things around (minor stuff) but the build / update didn't happen this week as normal; weekly updates will resume soon. [5]

Did you know?Edit

  • Etymologically, the "emo-" part of "emoticon" and "emoji" are not related. "Emoticon" is a blend of the English words "emotion" and "icon," [6] while "emoji" is a combination of "e" (picture/illustration) and "moji" (letter) in Japanese. [7]