Discovery/Status updates/2018-02-12

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2018-02-12



  • SPARQL client has been added to core [1]
  • Deep category search (deepcategory: keyword) is implemented now [2]
  • Profile management in CirrusSearch has been refactored [3] and documented.
  • Gehel and Erik worked on collecting and displaying per node latency percentiles for the ElasticSearch cirrus clusters [4] [5]
  • Erik built an end to end integration test for Mjolnir [6]
  • David worked on fixing a failure with the language fallback for search that sometimes failed when the rescore profile doesn't exist on the target wiki [7]

Wikidata Query ServiceEdit

  • WDQS Mediawiki API service now supports continuations [8]