Discovery/Status updates/2017-11-13

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-11-13


  • There is a survey on French Wikipedia asking if they should replace static maps with dynamic maps and to define best practices. [1]



  • Erik did quite a bit of research into whether we should expand the rescore windows for learning to rank — it was decided it wouldn't be helpful [2]
  • David fixed a bug where the JobQueue was trying to report update metrics when response was not valid [3]
  • Gehel paid down some technical debt by creating a dedicated elastic component in the APT repository — which will help get the next upgrade more smoothly [4]
  • Stas fixed bug where removed Wikidata description was still showing when searching [5]


  • Mikhail provided analysis of external & internal WDQS traffic [6] as preparation for sizing of internal WDQS cluster.


  • Stas reloaded WDQS database to enable external links and performance improvements [7]