Discovery/Status updates/2017-10-23

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-10-23


  • Jan and Deb chatted with Release Engineering about the work that we're doing to automate updates to the portal and we have lots of new information to incorporate into the automation effort. (task T177350)
  • Deb and Paul attended the State of the Map US conference in Boulder, Colorado held this past weekend (Oct 19 - 22) and Deb wrote up some of her favorite talks on the Discovery list.
  • The quarterly check-in for Technology:Search Platform was held last week, view the slide deck on Commons.
  • The quarterly check-in for Audiences:Readers:Discovery was held this week, view the slide deck on Commons.



  • Erik fixed a rarely occurring issue where the ApiQuerySearch.php call to a member function termMatches() on a non-object (boolean) (task T167410)
  • David turned off an A/B test for relaxing the retrieval query filter (task T177956) and analysis will begin soon (task T177957)
  • David also reviewed and update the mjolnir kafka implementation on large feature sets (task T178274)
  • We ran a full re-index of un-fallbacked languages on Monday, Oct 23; everything went smoothly and we had made several notifications to the various communities about this minor change and more detailed information can be found on MediaWiki. (task T177871)
  • Stas improved field mapping for nginx logstash by adding a few field types (task T178530)
  • Trey finished up a Language Analysis Morphological Library Research Spike and identified 6 languages that will be researched more deeply in the coming weeks (task T171652)


  • Mikhail attended the Mobile App team's offsite last week and learned quite a bit about their processes and gave suggestions on how Analysis can help in the future.


  • Jan fixed a minor issue with the dwell-time impact of `touch-action: manipulation;` on the portal (task T174002)
  • We had help from the community on a minor bug with a licensing link in the footer, the code has been merged and will be in production with our next portal update, tentatively scheduled for Monday, Oct 30. (task T178954)
  • After chatting with RelEng earlier this week, we decided to not do some of the work we had thought we needed to do in order to automate the portal updates. (task T178554)
  • The name for Northern Sami needed to be changed on the portal from "Sámegiella" to "Davvisámegiella" - this change was done in translatewiki and will be in production with the next portal update, tentatively scheduled for Monday, Oct 30. (task T178981)


  • The maps team and various others have been chiming in on the best way to deploy meddo as part of tilerator-deploy—Gehel has gone ahead with a few patches that will replace direct dependencies with Kartotherian dependency and adding meddo and ClearTables as deployment dependencies, but more conversations might be needed. (task T162241)