Discovery/Status updates/2017-10-09

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-10-09


  • After active discussions on Spanish Wikipedia, mapframe has been enabled on that site.
  • The discussion on English Wikipedia on whether to ask for mapframe to be enabled has been resolved with a consensus of 'yes' to support the use of this functionality on enwiki.
  • There is an ongoing discussion on English Wikivoyage about the use of mapframe and a draft maps policy has been created.
  • There is a discussion on Commons about deletion requests, specifically about maps, user-derived work and licensing of that work. (task T155290)
  • The Search Platform team had a long discussion on how to improve search relevance surveys and A/B tests, highlights from the meeting can be read in (task T171215#3677637) and we'll use the information discussed in future tests.



  • Gehel finished the investigation into why elastic@codfw alerted during codfw row B switch upgrade, determined it was that a check done on the LVS endpoint ended up being routed to the server that had just recovered network connectivity. (task T170378)
  • A 'fix' was released last week that actually had un-intended results on the search results page by adding an icon to every autocomplete result in the main dropdown. Thanks, @Jdforrester for the quick fix! (task T177659)
  • Trey finished up and deployed code to not use Generic language fallbacks in Mediawiki for Elasticsearch language analyzers, once we re-index various small wikis (task T177871), this code will be in production. (task T147959)
  • The A/B test running on 18 wikis with > 1% of search traffic has been stopped (task T177490)and is ready for analysis (task T176493)


  • Mikhail finished up the Interleaved Search Results A/B test analysis (task T171215).
  • Chelsy fixed an issue where the dashboard was counting events, not sessions, for mobile web events (task T176811)


  • Continuing conversations on the handling of Chinese languages on the Wikipedia portal (task T171647#3679370) with the community


  • Paul finalized a few map styling issues: tunnels (task T154823); implement all osm-bright.tm2 features in brighmed (task T153400);
  • The regeneration of map tiles in production finished up on Oct 10 (task T176252)
  • mapframe has been enabled on Spanish Wikipedia (task T177695)