Discovery/Status updates/2017-08-28

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-08-28


  • Erik turned off the interleaved search results test (task T171214) and the search relevance test (task T171742)
  • Jan completed a minor update to the UI of the sister project snippets (task T171804)
  • Erik continued work on mitigating future occurrences of search latency degradation (task T169498)


  • Mikhail finished up the analysis for the first two A/B tests for the search relevance testing (grading by humans) (task T171740)
  • Chelsy put the final touches on the explore similar A/B test analysis (task T164857)
  • Mikhail reviewed an upcoming patch to add purge info for the Kartographer schema (task T171622)


  • Gehel aligned the maps* and maps-test* configurations to be the same (task T169082)
  • After many discussions on what is a reasonable per-IP ratelimit for maps, decisions have been made and was promoted to production on Sep 4 (task T169175)

Other Noteworthy Stuff

  • Trey wrote a post for the WIkimedia Blog: "Wikipedia, search, and the 'Цкщтп' keyboard" [1]