Discovery/Status updates/2017-08-14

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-08-14


  • A portion of the Search and Discovery teams attended the 2 day Hackathon and 3 day Wikimania held in Montreal, Canada.



  • With some judicious use of thermal paste, we are no longer experiencing overheating of the ElasticSearch servers in eqiad (task T168816)
  • Interleaved search results A/B test was turned on Aug 7th (task T171212), data was checked to be good (task T171213) and then turned off on Aug 16. (task T171214) with analysis to follow (task T171215)
  • With David's and Erik's (task T171803) help, enwiki now has their sister project snippets in a defined order—starting with Wiktionary and ending with Wikibooks (as search results are available). This was enabled on Aug 16, 2017; all other wikis use the default sorting (by recall) for the ordering of sister project snippets on the search results page.
  • A search relevance MVP test to gather feedback from real humans (task T171741) was turned on Aug 8, 2017 and will be turned off on Aug 17, 2017 (task T171742) and has early analysis in the comments section of the epic ticket (task T171740)

Wikidata Query ServiceEdit

  • Throttling has been enabled on Wikidata Query Service. This is done to protect the service from abusive users or bots. WDQS will answer with HTTP 429 if a query is throttled, and will expose a "Retry-After" header to let you know how much you should wait before retrying a query. The goal is to protect the service, not to restrict user access, so reach out to us if you feel that you are being throttled unfairly. Read more on list.
  • Stas added a stats marker to wikidata entity search (task T172422)


  • Mikhail has been helping WMDE with figuring out which namespace combinations are used for searching (task T165492)
  • Chelsy fixed a search metrics bug on the dashboard that is used for user engagement (task T170469)
  • Chelsy updated and annotated the sample rate change on the search dashboard (task T172428)
  • Chelsy also updated the search dashboard for the Paulscore calculation that was summing duplicated clicks on the same position (task T172960)


  • A community volunteer, TheDJ, fixed a bug in maps where when a user scrolls, the map detail pane will display incorrect coordinates (greater than 180°) (task T171399)