Discovery/Status updates/2017-07-31

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-07-31


  • 2016/17 Q4 Metrics for the Discovery Department were presented on Aug 3, 2017
  • The Audiences 2 (New Readers, Structured Data on Commons, Wikidata, & Readers) Quarterly Check-in, July 2017, has been published that contains the Discovery Department's update.



  • Archive search on Special:Undelete enabled everywhere by Stas.
  • We began a search relevance test to see if we could get good feedback, based on (initial) canned queries (Erik was the key person on this test to get grading feedback from humans on search results) (task T171740)
  • David fixed a bug where reusing the ScriptService was hitting a circuit breaker which prevented large featuresets to be compiled in one row (task T17157) This isn't complete deployed yet, due to needing a new plugin version to be added into production first.
  • Guillaume and Chris J helped with a big issue due to some elasticsearch servers in eqiad overheating (applied thermal paste) (task T168816)
  • Trey completed another round of testing and analysis on the updated Vietnamese language plugin; we're still not able to deploy it, but it has improved. We may try again later after more updates. (task T170423)


  • Mikhail and Chelsy worked diligently on getting metrics for the Discovery Department's Q4 2016/2017 slide deck ready for delivery (task T171528)


  • Enabled mapframe for ptwikipedia, euwikipedia and uawikimedia projects (thanks, Maxǃ) (task T171805)