Discovery/Status updates/2017-03-20

This is the weekly update for the weeks starting 2017-03-20 and 2017-03-27.



  • Updates from work done in previous weeks (apologies for the delay!):
    • Fixed an issue where subpages were mistakenly preferred over parent pages if you didn't type the whole title (T156840)
    • Fixed multiple issues with the how Elasticsearch integrates with the Translate extension (T132076, T132315, T158070)
    • Test wiki with new Chinese Traditional-to-Simplified conversion, better word segmentation, and using the new BM25 is available in labs. (It has the index and snippets from Chinese Wikipedia, but not the actual articles.) Additional analysis from native-speaker review is also on MediaWiki. More feedback always welcome.
  • Fixed regressions which seem to be related to Elasticsearch 5 upgrade:
    • Fixed an issue causing language-converted suggestions to not show in the search box (T160896)
  • Fixed an issue where using certain special characters in advanced search syntax would unexpectedly give zero results (T147636)
  • Finished the second A/B test for the sister project search results.
  • The analysis of new Ukrainian language analyzer is on MediaWiki, and there's lots of good discussion on Phabricator (T160106). More feedback welcome!


  • Finished up the analysis of the first A/B test for the sister project search results (task T156300) read it here

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