Discovery/Status updates/2017-02-27

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-02-27 and includes work up till 2017-03-13 due to a scheduling error.


  • Jan demo'd a new "explore similar" widget during this month's CREDIT showcase


  • Posted on French, Arabic, German and Russian Wikipedia Village Pumps to ask if there are any issues with A/B testing the sister project search results on them (task T154525#3091063).


  • Finished analysis of potential new Chinese-language analyzers. See T158203. We expect improved word segmentation accuracy, which should lead to better search results, as well as support for searching across Traditional/Simplified character sets. A test index in labs will be available soon.
  • Elasticsearch 5 upgrade in progress: the beta cluster is now running the new version. Upgrade of production clusters will start next week.


  • Recap of the migration to ReportUpdater and more!
  • Analysis of the A/B test for displaying sister projects in search results is ongoing



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