Discovery/Status updates/2017-02-13

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-02-13



  • The inter-wiki search test has been modified this week to allow for more bucketing/sampling of users so that we can get more data to analyze. This is an A/B test of a new search results page which includes inter-wiki search results that is deployed to Persian, Italian, Catalan and Polish Wikipedias. Take a look and give us feedback! (phab:T149806)
  • Our codfw elasticsearch cluster has been upgraded to Debian Jessie, its partitioning has been standardised and a 12 new servers have been added (phab:T151326, phab:T151328, phab:T154251)
  • Wikidata Query Service has two more brand new servers (phab:T152643, phab:T152643)