Discovery/Status updates/2017-01-30

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-01-30



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  • Work continues to upgrade to Elasticsearch 5 (T155671, T151224)
  • A lot of work on TextCat (language identification) has been deployed (T149324); configuration to enable it in production should go out next week.
  • Added document content model into the search index (T156371) and contentmodel: keyword.
  • Added more aliases for filetype: keyword (task T156413).
  • Nearly done with getting things ready for a new A/B test to be launched on a few wikipedias for sister project search results
  • Fixed a timeout issue with advanced searches (T152895, T134157) (not yet deployed, will be deployed with Elasticsearch 5 upgrade)
  • Delayed updates from previous weeks:
    • Created a list of languages for which we want to investigate analysers (T155549)
    • After analysis, decided to use Stempel as our new Polish language analyser (T154516); analysis of Stempel is underway (T154517)
    • Fixed issue with ICU folding that caused problems with the search index (T156234)


  • Wrapping up migrating a significant amount of data using the ReportUpdater infrastructure - almost done! Updating dashboards now to use the new datasets, including NEW datasets (like LDF endpoint usage for WDQS)



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