Discovery/Status updates/2016-12-05

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2016-12-05



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  • We've put together a draft proposal for how to deal with the interaction of all the possible additional search options—suggestions, quote-stripping, "wrong keyboard", language ID, etc.—to have a more co-ordinated conversation about all this. Comments on the talk page there are welcome.
  • Load tests for cross-project searching were completed successfully. We are now testing how many results are produced for typical queries as a first step towards figuring out how relevant the results are.
  • Upgraded to Java 8 in preparation for upgrading ElasticSearch next quarter. (T151325)
  • Performed some refactoring to improve interwiki searching. (T141033)
  • Improved handling of characters containing diacritics or accents. (T137830, T146402)
  • Added support for minimum query length to detect the language of the query. When a minimum length is eventually chosen, this will solve edge cases where some very short queries and queries consisting just of numbers could produce unexpected results. (T149318)
  • Fixed an edge case where third-party users of CirrusSearch could get an exception when building a completion suggester index. (T150799)




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