Discovery/Status updates/2016-06-20

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2016-06-20


Events and News

  • Testing software upgrade for at
  • Installed 16 new servers in our elasticsearch cluster to replace the older ones
  • Katie, Deb and Jan are in Esino Lario for Wikimania 2016 along with many other WMF members and about 1,000 of our closest friends all sharing in the sun, fun and humidity.
  • <mapframe/maplink> no longer need zoom and location - it can figure out the location on its own if missing, based on the geojson data.
  • Most of the geoshapes backend code is now in place, and should be available soon - it will allow both graphs and maps to get "geoshapes" - location outlines (e.g. state of New York, or a park, or the whole country - as a geometry, based on Wikidata ID.

Other Noteworthy Stuff

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