Discovery/Status updates/2016-04-25

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2016-04-25


  • David, Erik, and Trey had a discussion with JustinO about improving recall and improving search in general. Semi-readable notes are in an etherpad. Additional thoughts and comments are welcome.
  • Deb and Moiz had discussions with Abbey, Daisy and Edward about upcoming surveys planned for the Wikipedia portal; awaiting Legal approval.

Events and News

  • The updated Perl version of TextCat is now available on GitHub. Reminder: the PHP version has been available for a while.
  • Analysis has been completed on low-performing queries (< 3 results) on French, Spanish, and Italian Wikipedias, to optimize performance on language identification with TextCat on those wikis. German is coming up next.
  • Analysis is complete on recent portal page A/B test: Wikipedia Portal Test of Language Detection and Primary Link Resorting
  • Maps servers now have 16 varnish servers instead of 2 in 4 different data centers instead of 1.

Other Noteworthy Stuff

  • A new Wikipedia portal A/B test will be released next week - it will add in descriptive text to the sister project links at the bottom of the page.

Did you know?

  • Search for a new analyst (Oliver's replacement) is going along well. We got 169 applicants and some of them have done or are scheduled to do the take-home analysis task.