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This was a work in progress This page describes guidelines around whitespace, alignment and visual hierarchy within projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation.
Some components have been redesigned in order to validate and test the color palette and proposed type standards.
These components are by no means prescriptive, they are meant for suggestions and validations.

Infobox modules (Appear in the rightmost column of wikipedia pages) edit

Issues with current infoboxes

  • Centered alignment which creates a very chaotic reading experience because of rags on both left and right side
  • Haphazard spacing between lines which creates unclear groupings
  • Arbitrary color fills used as backgrounds for the group headings
  • Suggestions for infoboxes

Special Pages Feed edit

This is not meant to extend functionality or interaction in the component, it is merely a visual design exercise.

  • Validations using Page Triage

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