Deployment tooling/Cabal/RESTBase Beta deploy

Deployed RESTBase to beta on 2015-10-21

Here were the issues we found and discussed during and after deployment:

  • TODO Task: Make /var/lock/scap service-independent
    • Make scap lock directory, use name of repo
  • TODO put sha1 of rollback code
  • TODO Revisit config-file as root? make it easier....
  • TODO Task: for checks.yaml optional
  • TODO Task: deploy directory enforcement issue (/srv/deployment was a symlink on bastion)
    • deployment-bastion: /srv -> /mnt/srv
    • /mnt/srv/deployment vs /srv/deployment
  • TODO Research not being dependent on apache2
    • SimpleHTTPServer
  • TODO scap depends on netifaces
    • shell out to netstat
  • TODO scap depends on requests
    • Could just use urllib2
  • TODO Refactor puppet mediawiki/scap.pp → scap/init.pp
  • DONE doublecheck scap.cfg supports hostname fqdn