Deployment tooling/Cabal/2017-07-17

2016-07-17 edit

Current Release edit

  • Prod: 3.5.8-1
  • Beta: 3.6.0-1~20170706230402.156 (2017-07-06)

Next release edit

    • Changelog:
cbf1781 Remove concept of --no-touch / --beta-only-change
85cf3e8 Don't update SHA1 for --service-restart or --dry-run
1ef57cd Remove a bunch of functions introduced in D72
5ec9b28 Remove utils.deprecated_script()
88ca555 Move PHP to required packages, also allow HHVM to satisfy the dependency
eed9b2c Handle multiple services
ca6b747 Minor fixups to doc underlining

On the radar/Next/blocking edit

  • Looks like statsv is good to go -- I (thcipriani) can be available for deployment
    • what is correct?

Soon™/Wishlist/On the radar/Updates edit

/srv/deployment/integration/php-coveralls /srv/deployment/integration/phpunit /srv/depployment/integration/slave-scripts /srv/deployment/integration/php-coveralls /srv/deployment/integration/phpcs unused per Antoine and T109926#2096483

   /srv/deployment/gdash/gdash - replaced by graphana
   /srv/deployment/grafana/grafana - No longer deployed via trebuchet
   /srv/deployment/tessera/tessera -- was a POC as an alternative to Grafana. Drop per puppet.git bc54db766412e0f339f54c73b03877f268101af0
   /srv/deployment/abacist/abacist -- super old (2014) - Drop per puppet.git 24faab2d672249cc6bc32fa3a3b0a8c0defa6050
   /srv/deployment/analytics/kraken - deprecated

As Always edit